Daiichi Drop Shot Hook - $2.99

A great choice for dropshotting soft plastics or even live baiting, the Daiichi Drop Shot Hooks feature a black nickel finish, and super sharp points. Extremely strong as well, Daiichi hooks undergo a forging process which adds almost 20% in strength to the wire, and they are also made with a higher carbon content, which translates into harder steel and sharper points. The Daiichi Drop Shot Hooks – the World's Sharpest Hooks.

Register to win $500,000 through Daiichi's World Record Reward Program. If you catch a world record Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Striped Bass or Spotted Sea Troat on a Daiichi hook - you can win. Click here for all the details.

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Daiichi Drop Shot Hook

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Daiichi Drop Shot Hook 1/0 7pk $2.99
Daiichi Drop Shot Hook 1 8pk $2.99
Daiichi Drop Shot Hook 2 9pk $2.99
Daiichi Drop Shot Hook 4 9pk $2.99

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