The Daiwa Aird Coastal Casting Reel offers increased line capacity and power - making it a perfect choice for targeting big bass in freshwater as well as a variety of inshore species in saltwater. Its A7075 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Deep Spool offers 30% more line capacity over the original Aird 100, and it also features a longer 100mm Swept Handle for increased winding leverage.

Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag system starts up smooth and stays smooth, while dishing out 11lbs or max drag to tame the hardest fighting fish. The lightweight composite frame and side plate also form a rigid, corrosion resistant platform, and the Magforce Cast Control offers the range to accommodate a variety of different lures in constantly changing conditions. An excellent reel for pulling double duty in fresh and saltwater, the Daiwa Aird Coastal Casting Reel does it all for a great price.

-Lightweight composite frame and side plate
-A7075 Aircraft grade aluminum deep spool
-100mm Swept Handle
-Ultimate Tournament Drag (11.0lbs)
-30% more line capacity than Aird 100
-Magforce Cast Control
-Custom I-Shaped Soft Touch Handle Knobs
-Saltwater approved


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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've had many Daiwa spinning reels & this was my first casting & I absolutely love it! Is definitely worth the money & you wont regret it, i use it for bass fishing & it easily with no problems reels em in great & I've got it paired up with a falcon lowrider & its and awesome combo, definitely recommend it!! :)

From: Blake: New Bern, NC 7/27/16

Comments: For the price, this is one hell of a reel! I bought 3 to use to throw lures for Calico & Sand Bass. Smooth casting out of the box, no doubt. Anyone who says this reel is bad either got a lemon or they must work for Daiwa's rival in irvine. Straight up. Buy the Aird Coastal & you'll have no regrets!

From: Rick: LA, CA 7/4/16

Comments: I purchased this reel and loved it for a month or two but then the thumb bar started sticking and you would have to manually flip it up to engage it. I sent it back to TW and they sent me a new one  the first trip out with the new one a bearing went out. Stick with lews or shimano

From: Ethan: Houston, TX 6/27/16

Comments: I purchased this reel about 4 weeks ago. The reel was Not very smooth right out of the box but I could live with it. Well, 4 weeks later & only three freshwater fishing trips and the reel is completely worthless, unusable. This was my first Daiwa reel & my last. 

From: Stephen: USA 5/10/15

Comments: This is a great real I use it in the ocean fishing for rock fish and occasionally use it bass fishing. Have brought in many of ling cod & large rock fish with no trouble only complaint is that I need a bigger spool.

From: Kyler: Porterville, CA 4/12/15

Comments: With almost 5 months have gone by of using it, my doubts vanished. This is the SMOOTHEST reel you could by with $100 by far. It honestly puts other higher priced reels to shame. This reel has been my go-to reel this year and no matter what I throw at it, it still works like it came right out the box. Now that is coming from someone who fishes day in and day out within a rough kayak thats constantly strapped on and ready to go. It has pummeled through rain, snow, long period water submersion, and so much more. If wanna buy a reel that will give you more than you will ever pay than this is your best option by far. I plan on getting more sooner or later.

From: Savvy: GA 4/9/15

Comments: I bought this for fishing the river for Striped Bass. I really like this reel, it casts nicely is smooth and has power to bring in big Striped Bass even in fast current during tide changes. Glad I bought it.

From: Acer: USA 3/4/15

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