Daiwa Braided Line Cutter - $12.99

Cutting through today’s super-tough braided line has become a task within itself, requiring surgical precision and a razor sharp edge – exactly what the Daiwa Braided Line Cutter brings to the table. Built with semi-pointed, Giza Blades, the Daiwa Braided Line Cutter glides through stubborn braid leaving a crisp edge that won’t fray or bunch while you’re trying to tie knots or thread line-ties. Complete with contoured, non-slip handles for a sure grip, the Daiwa Braided Line Cutter gives anglers the ability to slice through the toughest braid when household scissors, knives, and pliers just won’t "cut it."

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Daiwa Braided Line Cutter

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Daiwa Braided Line Cutter $12.99

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