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Daiwa Certate-HA Spinning Reels - $428.88 to $499.95

Loaded with Daiwa's most technologically advanced features, the Daiwa Certate-HA Spinning Reel is the new top-of-the-line spinning reel from Daiwa. Featuring an ultra light and rugged Aluminum Diecast Body, the Certate-HA is also Magnetically Sealed to keep water out of the reel's inner workings. By utilizing Daiwa's revolutionary magnetized oil in conjunction with strategically placed magnets, Daiwa was able to protect the Certate-HA's nine bearing system (8CRBB+1RB) and Digigear Digital Gearing from the elements for enhanced longevity and smooth rotary efficiency. A Waterproof Drag System also furnishes added durability even in saltwater, and offers consistent fish fighting pressure throughout its range.

Perfect for light lines and even braid, the Certate-HA's Advanced Locomotive Levelwind ensures even line lay, and its Twist Buster system helps eliminate line twist. The new Air Rotor is also 15% lighter than traditional rotors, offering improved balance and distributing stress more efficiently.  Made in Japan to the most exacting standards, the Daiwa Certate-HA Spinning Reel delivers peak performance for the discerning angler.

Additional Features:

-Protrusion Free Air Bail
-Infinite Anti-Reverse
-Lifetime Bail Spring
-Micro Click Front Drag

The new premiere spinning reel from Daiwa, the lightweight and rugged Certate-HA Spinning Reel is loaded with Daiwa's most technologically advanced features for consistently ultra-smooth performance.

Comments: Hands down, best spinning reel on the market.  I just wish they wouldn't keep jacking up the price on these!

Comments: Daiwa's best spinning reel by far! Was completely blown away at how smooth it was and the weight is just right that you can work a plug all day and not get worn out. Drags are smooth and love the new Mag Seal. Only downside is the price tag and the fact that you can't service the reel yourself because a "special tool" + the magnetic oil needed to replace the ones in the reel. So you'll have to send it in to get it serviced. But at $500 even I would trust myself lol I plan on getting a 2nd one to replace my backup reel the Fuego.

From: Fong: Clearwater, FL

Comments: This is an amazing reel! Give this reel a try, you won't be disappointed. This reel is flawless and unreal smooth. Daiwa has a PERFECT reel with this one. Now Daiwa needs to come out with a Certate baitcasting reel... The only one bad thing with Daiwa, you have to hope they don't continue to increase their prices every year....

From: Markell: Asheville, NC

Comments: Still the best SW and FW spinning reel to use..nothing comes close.  Use it to toss baits on my Northfork Custom spin rod from 5/16- 1oz. Sweet feeling.

From: Adam: Singapore

Comments: Arguably the better than the stella this reel is the smoothest strongest reel I have used it is mag sealed making it totally water proof and washable at nearly half the price it is easy to use and incredibly durable with 7 kg of drag it is easily worth the money

From: Will: Victoria, Australia

Comments: Best Reel Ever, bought one from japan a year ago, still solid, still smooth as the day i recieved it.

From: Sig: USA

Comments: its very tough spinning reels..

From: Fadzli: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
CT2000 Right/Left 6.0:1 8.3 8CR + 1RB 8/110, 10/90 $499.95 3
CT2500HA Right/Left 6.0:1 9.2 8CR + 1RB 8/170, 10/140 $499.95 9/30
CT3000HA Right/Left 5.6:1 10.2 8CR + 1RB 8/240, 10/200 $428.88 1

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