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Daiwa's revamped Cielo Cranking Rod Series features advanced 3D Cross reinforced GlaTech blanks, designed to deliver the tip flexibility and toughness needed for fishing reaction baits - with the backbone needed for fish control.  Lightweight and powerful, the blanks are also un-sanded to help maximize sensitivity and reduce weight even further. The Minima black ring guides are even 20% to 30% lighter than ceramics, and the Fuji Skeleton Pipe reel combined with a split grip handle configuration provide optimal balance and fishing comfort. Available in a range of lengths and tapers, the Daiwa Cielo Cranking Rods have what it takes to properly fish reaction baits - at a great price to boot.

-Machined aluminum reel clamp with graphite insert
-Natural cork and EVA foam
-Micro Pitch taping pattern on blank
-Hook keeper
-Backed by a Five-Year Limited Warranty

Comments: Bought this rod a few weeks ago and have been really happy with it so far.  I use for 1/2oz lipless cranks.  It's lighter than I thought it would be.  I would definitely buy this rod again.

From: Michael: GA 3/13/14

Comments: Pretty nice rod, super sensitive, great backbone and extremely light weight! For 130$'s this rod is perfect for everyday use...I use mine for various applications: from C-rig to jigs and even top water...It feels great in my hands and I can easily feel the slightest taps....So yes, I would suggest this rod to others whether they are on a budget or not...Are there better rods out there? Of course, but, you're gonna pay out the A$$ for em...This rod is easily one of the nicest in it's price range!

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly!

Comments: Cant Go Wrong, Fav Rod, Light as air!! great handle with good leverage, worth it, highly reccomended

From: Kendog: WI

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Rod Handle Length:
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