The Daiwa DB Suspending Minnow is another great addition to the already-impressive lineup of lures offered by the legendary rod and reel manufacturer. The Daiwa DB Suspending Minnow comes in two dynamic sizes and provides anglers with an erratic darting action that works remarkably well with slight twitches on the retrieve. On the pause, the Daiwa DB Suspending Minnow truly stays suspended and has an excellent nose-down presentation. The Daiwa DB Suspending Minnow is also equipped with two stationary weights, as well as, two transfer weights in the rear chamber that help provide bullet-like casts. Complete with 3D eyes and an incredibly lifelike scaling pattern, the Daiwa DB Suspending Minnow will make a welcomed addition to any angler’s tacklebox. 

Daiwa Length Weight Depth Class Hooks
DB9SP 3-3/4" 1/3oz 3ft Suspending #6
DB11SP 4-3/4" 1/2oz 3ft Suspending #4

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I use the DB Minnow in the CA surf for halibut and surf perch. The DB9 model was an absolute killer on the bigger surf perch. It consistently out fished the LC Flash Minnow, although it does not cast quite as well.

From: Steve: Ventura, CA 9/24/14

Comments: Awesome Jerkbaits! My first coice in cold water! I was killing largies in 38* water on these. I'd buy 3 of these for the price of one LC pointer any day!

From: Ski: Windham, NH

Comments: Got my first legal halibut on one of the db9 and multiple short halibuts on both the db9 and db11. A must have for your spinning set up in the California surf.

From: Jas: CA

Comments: Have caught alot of smaliies on the 3.75" Pearl Colour. Its a go to for smallies in shallow water.

From: Dan: Ontario, Canada

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