Daiwa Dead or Alive double-jointed wooden body action imitates a mortally injured, side-swimming baitfish. It looks like an easy target for large predatory gamefish. Also features spinner buzz blade tail for extra vibration and splash, heavy-duty super sharp hooks and realistic 3-D eyes. The side-mounted diving bill helps the side swimming action of the bait.

Daiwa Length Weight Hook Size Class
Dead or Alive (5") 5" 1-3/8oz #2 Floating
Dead or Alive (6") 6" 2-3/16oz #1/0 Floating

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Comments: Got the dead or alive jr. on sale for $15.  Havn't fished it yet so I can't grade it's performance.  However, I can tell you that the length on the packaging is not accurate.  The smaller model(called the dead or alive jr.)is supposed to be 5" in length.  That is what the packaging reads & that is the length listed on this website.  The body of this lure is actually 6" in length, not including the buzz blade & the line tie at front.  If you measure it including buzz blade & line tie it is closer to 8" in length.  Since the "so called" 5" jr. model is actually 6" in length I assume the "so called" 6" version is probably more like 7" in length.  Although I can't say for sure because I haven't actually seen it...

Comments: This is def. a unique and different swimbait. i only used mine about 4 times. but landed a 7lb smallie with it .the other times the fish just seemed to track it and where more interested in checking it out. next time i take this out im going to try adding some weight to the front to see hot it swims and looks as a slow sinker. but this bait deff. has potential.

From: Sam: Orland Park, IL

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