Daiwa Flat Flash Crank DR - $6.99

Designed to get down quickly to the 6 to 8 foot range, the Daiwa Flat Flash Crank DR delivers a tight wobbling and rolling action, and its flatter-sided shape provides an exciting rapid-flash that just calls to fish.  Featuring a high buoyancy design as well, the Flat Flash Crank can easily float over obstacles for fewer hang ups, and its weight-shift system means you can make longer casts for more water coverage.  Available in several colors, the Daiwa Flat Flash Crank DR features quality components and a durable bill that helps generate enticing deflections.

Daiwa Length Weight Depth Class
Flat Flash DR 2-3/4" 1/2oz 6-8ft Floating

Treble Hooks

Comments: Caught walleyes and bass with these.  Good casting distance and excellent action on retrieves if they run true.  Found some needed tuning.  The baby bass colour worked best for me.

From: Warren: Canada

Comments: Great lure for Australian Bass

From: Martin: Australia

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Daiwa Flat Flash Crank DR

0 Available Colors

  • Baby Bass
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  • Black Shad
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  • Brown Craw
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  • Olive Shad
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  • Prizm Scale Shad
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  • Blue Back Shad
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  • Brown Shiner
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  • Fire Tiger
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  • Ghost Olive
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  • Red Craw
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