Ideal for targeting fish in the 3 to 5 foot range, the Daiwa Flat Flash Crank MR delivers a tight wobbling and rolling action, and its flatter-sided shape provides an exciting rapid-flash that just calls to fish.  Featuring a high buoyancy design as well, the Flat Flash Crank can easily float over obstacles for fewer hang ups, and its weight-shift system means you can make longer casts for more water coverage.  Available in several colors, the Daiwa Flat Flash Crank MR features quality components and a durable bill that helps generate enticing deflections.

Daiwa Length Weight Depth Class
Flat Flash MR 2-3/4" 1/2oz 3-5ft Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: To be honest, I never knew Diawa made crankbaits, until I tested one out. After testing it, I'm glad I did! Hooks are #4's and very sharp. I've got messages and emails into the company to find out the brand. I havent heard anything as of yet, but they are very sharp and strong. I won't need to change them anytime soon. The MR has a nice narrow almost square bill at the body of the crank and wide at the tip. Previous crank testing has shown this gives a really wide side to side wobble. This was the same with the MR. My colors tested were the Green Olive Shad. This color is amazing. It has a purple tint on the belly too. Excellent clear water cranks. I gave a low rating on the colors. Only 10 available and most were ones I will probably never use. I'd like to see some chartreuse black colors and more shad colors. Quality of the paint was great. No runs, chips or flaking paint after some heavy use. Hook connection points were very strong. The cranks have one large metal ball inside. This weight transfer system is said to help in casting. I've got 65 yards of braid on my 50E and during the first cast, I kinda wondered if it would all come off! I really enjoyed throwing it. Overall, I give this crank high points in most areas with some improvements needed in others. Give one a shot, you will be impressed.

From: Richard: Edmond, OK

Comments: awesome bait and comes with nice hooks, highly recommend

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