Designed to run in the 1 to 2 foot range, the Daiwa Flat Flash Crank SR delivers a tight wobbling and rolling action, and its flatter-sided shape provides an exciting rapid-flash that just calls to fish.  Featuring a high buoyancy design as well, the Flat Flash Crank can easily float over obstacles for fewer hang ups, and its weight-shift system means you can make longer casts for more water coverage.  Available in several colors, the Daiwa Flat Flash Crank SR features quality components and a square bill that helps deliver enticing deflections.

Daiwa Length Weight Depth Class
Flat Flash SR 2-3/4" 1/2oz 1-2ft Floating

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Update from previous comments (see Ed: Il).

Had the lip sheer off after the second bass. Lip sticks out too far at an angle that invites breakage. However, I sent pictures to Diawa and they did replace the lure. But, guess what, the replacement now has two cracks in the lip and will not be usable much longer. Diawa is a good lure maker. But they missed it on this one. I liked the tight wiggle and running depth of just under 2 ft. for shallow cranking. But, the lip needs to be redesigned.

From: Ed: IL

Comments: This lure lasted only a few casts before I noticed it wasn't swimming right. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the lip had broken off. It had less than 20 casts under it's belt before this happened. I will say it caught a small bass in it's very short lifespan, but it is inexcusable to have a lure break after such little use.

From: Eric: MI

Comments: I hate these things they take so long to tune out of the pack then they still run on the side i think ill stick wilth lucky craft and megabass

From: Patrick: G.B. NC

Comments: I really liked its tight wiggle and greater flash, but not impressed with the quality. After reeling in my first 2 lb. Bass (second fish on this bait), I found the lip had sheared off where it connects to the body. Lip just not strong enough.

From: Ed: IL

Comments: CHOKED ! Bass throttle these. Bought a few for some Xmas gifts for friends and got photos back the same day with thank you's IMO, for the price, one of THE best SR cranks on the market. Much bigger than most SR's, the action is not as tight and exagerated a wobble as in the smaller cranks. But you can still "feel it" in the rod. Carefull tho, the bills bust, easy.

From: Chris: L.A., CA

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