Rich in detail, the Daiwa Game Vibe gives anglers the ability to cover large areas of water effectively. With its tight wobbling action the Daiwa Game Vibe delivers an amazing low-frequency vibration as it moves through the water – making it easy for bass to key in on it. The smooth profile of the Daiwa Game Vibe also delivers long distance casts with little-to-no effort. Complete with intricate scaling and 3D eyes, the Daiwa Game Vibe is built with and undeniable quality and precision that has made Daiwa a world-wide leader in fishing rods, reels, and accessories. 

Daiwa Length Weight Class Hooks
GV6 2 3/8" 5/16oz Sinking #6
GV7 2 3/4" 5/8oz Sinking #4 front, #6 back

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: crap  - eyes fell out in the second cast.  Finish is terrible; has no action and the paint is so so.  I have caught no fish on it.

From: Gman: NY

Comments: great crank. Nice loud rattles. Caught lots of fish with it.

From: Sai

Comments: I bought one of each at that price. Havent caught anything on them. Just sitting in the tackle room now. No confidence.

From: Sam NorCal

Comments: overall its pretty great for the price but they will fall apart after a while. the host olive worked for me they're very cool for price!

From: Ray

Comments: Good looking bait, nice color.  One of the eyes fell off the first time I used it.  Didn't even bump it into anything.  Haven't caught anything on this lure yet, but I see no reason why it won't work.  It offers a different sound and is a good value overall.  Hooks are sharp.

From: HW: TN

Comments: im a big fan of daiwa. so i had to have this lipless. its good. it catches fish. sink rate is kind of slow so its good for shallow situations. wouldnt recommend fishing it deep

From: Newj: Cen Cal

Comments:For the price... this may be one of the best lipless cranks around. Highly recommend the red, table rock, or gold for muddy-stained water depending on season/light levels.

From:K: Ohio, USA

Comments:This is a great bait and really triggers bites. It has a shad pattern like no other. It's a great bait.

From:Clay: Lake Texoma

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