Daiwa Lexa 300 Casting Reels

Delivering tournament caliber performance, the Daiwa Lexa 300 Casting Reel is another high quality addition to Daiwa's arsenal of performance reels. Featuring a sleek new design, its aluminum frame and side plate help it remain lightweight for its size, while also providing the strength and rigidity to withstand heavy use. Daiwa's Ultimate Tournament Drag System, constructed out of advanced carbon fiber material, also provides the fish fighting power you need for tackling big, hard fighting fish, and its seven bearing system (2CRBB/4BB+1RB) ensures a long life of fluid casts and retrieves. Also equipped with oversized swept paddle handles that are easy to find when you get a bit, the Daiwa Lexa 300 Casting Reel lives up to Daiwa's tradition of fishing excellence.

Additional Features:

-Magforce Cast Control
-Infinite Anti Reverse
-Rugged, Six-point drive train support
-Precision balanced aluminum spool

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
LEXA300H Right 6.3:1 10.5 (4CR+2BB) + 1RB 14/190, 20/120 In Stock: 1 $199.99
LEXA300HL Left 6.3:1 10.5 (4CR+2BB) + 1RB 14/190, 20/120 In Stock: 3+ $199.99
LEXA300HS Right 7.1:1 10.5 (4CR+2BB) + 1RB 14/190, 20/120 03/05 $199.99
LEXA300HSL Left 7.1:1 10.5 (4CR+2BB) + 1RB 14/190, 20/120 In Stock: 3+ $199.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Flawless real for salt and fresh 4 years plus and counting.

From: Tyler: Yorba Linda, CA 2/15/17

Comments: I have had a 6.3:1 for bout two years now & have used it for everything from small cranks to a deps 250. Now i only use it for swimbaiting but this is one of the best reels on the market for the price. Great for saltwater too.

From: Brock La Verne, CA 8/17/16

Comments: Very good reel for striper fishing have been wearing stripers out with it for 2 years now w/o any problems.  Have been throwing weightless plastics on braid without any issues. Can't get a better reel for 199

From: Jay: AL 2/23/16

Comments: I picked up one of the 6.3 to 1 Lexa 300's used from a buddy of mine & liked it so much that I bought one of the 7 to 1s new, and am preparing to buy another to replace my Calcutta 400. I found it comparable to the Curado's (which I also have) but the Lexa's drag is better for sure. I use the 6:3 on a custom jig rod & the 7 to 1 on a Loomis bucktail rod on the local tiger muskies & they work great! The one issue that I've had that is one that others have mentioned. Make sure to completely depress the thumb bar when casting, or the reel might still be engaged & it makes a heck of a sickening grind! Overall, a very good reel!

From: Muskynut: Clinton, UT 11/6/15

Comments: This is the first year I've ventured out from Shimano land to see what else is available. I can't say anything bad about Shimano but I purchased the Lexa 300 7:1 for my Swimbait reel and WOW, it's a perfect fit!  Paired w a Dobyns Championship Mike Long 8ft heavy, the Lexa is performing perfectly. Have thrown 1.5 oz shellcrackers up to 3.5oz bullshooters!  I would certainly suggest picking one up

From: Cory: PA 8/18/15

Comments: This thing is a beast! Casts my 6" Hudd great! Love this reel, that's coming from a Shimano guy!! Really its' easy to set up turn on the mags and adjust cast control and have at it. The only complaint, i would have is if you do not mash the thumb bar all the way down it will miss engaging the spool, but i've had the same thing happen with one of my Shimano reels too, but other than that its a tank and cheaper than the curado 300. got it mounted own an 8ft Daiwa DX H rod its only 109.99 that's a deal too. It's a great combo!

From: Scott: Little River, SC 9/11/14

Comments: Have the high speed with power handle. Nice reel. Doesn't get anywhere near a real 22 lbs. of drag, but more than enough for a reel this size used normally. Spool bearings have started to make a little noise so I ordered up some ceramics from Boca.

From: Kevin: Sacramento, CA 9/10/14

Comments: bought the Lexa 300hsp few months ago and its been a super torque reel. use it as a frogging set up with 80lb Sunline. the only thing I don't like is if you try to whip a cast really hard the power handle will actually engage the gear while you cast. its pretty scary. I've done it a dozen times and makes me feel like I'm tearing the gears to shreds. so I would recommend the traditional handle. other than that its been a great heavy frogging reel.

From: Matt: FL 7/5/14

Comments: Ive owned this reel for a year now in a 6:3:1... I love it. Great power, very smooth, and cast a mile. I use it for large swim-baits and A-rigs. Plenty of 5lb+ bass have been caught with ease. Along with some Bull Reds!! Good job daiwa.

From: Ray: Selma, TX 5/16/14

Comments: Have had this reel for about a year now, and finally getting to fish it since it's my big swimbait reel.  Casts great, smooth, and when I did finally catch a fish with it, smooth drag and plenty of power.  It will be getting lots of use and may need to replace my Cardiff 300 with another one of these.

From: Will: Long Beach, CA

Comments: This reel is pretty good for the price. casts smooth but its a little loud. I use it to throw my big swimbaits. if you don't mind spending the extra $50 id say get the shimano curado 300.

From: James: Santa Rosa CA

Comments: such an amazing reel! I plan to use it msinly for musky, but will throw bass baits with it too. just got back from Mexico and used it for snook, barracuda, and it even boated a fee 80 pound tarpon. this is one powerful reel, I must say. kinda wish I got the one with the power handle though. 5/5

From: Grady: Mars, PA

Comments: paired it up with my Dobyns 806, and Love ir! I am not missing my Calcutta 400, that's for sure. Its nice to throw big baits without feeling like you are fishing for tuna!

From: Mike: Huntington Beach CA

Comments: I just bout this reel for musky fishing this reel is very nice for the $ it cast realy far and caches fish I reeled in a 45 pond musky the reel and it handeld just fin. I wold recomend geting one.

From: Blake: NB MN

Comments: Just ordered mine online! Can't wait till it get's here so I can spool it up with #65 Power Pro, and play with some big Calicos!

From: J.r, Ensenada B.C

Comments: nice reel...but the one i got had one drag washer missing had to send it back..now I'm getting good use out of it......

From: Joey Bud: Howard Beach, NY

Comments: I have been using mine for a couple of months, mostly to throw 2-6oz swimbaits. So far, I love this reel. Not quite as sturdy as the Curado but they saved money in the right places. For example, the worm gear cover is plastic but the frame and side plates are aluminum and the drag is much better than the Curado's. It's a bit more compact than the Curado so it's easier to palm. Out of the box, I can cast about 10% farther with the Lexa than with the Curado and Daiwa's magnetic brake system makes it much easier to make adjustments when I go from a 6oz bait to a 2oz bait. It comes with no frills (tool, oil, etc) but at this price, I couldn't care less about getting a few CCs of oil with it.

From: David: Austin, Republic of Texas

Comments: Overall impressed with the reel. Easier to palm than my Curado 300E and casts just as smooth.  Only thing that really bothered me is that I noticed there was a lot of slop in the handle after tightening the drag.  Pulled it apart and the handle nut was cross threaded. Really Daiwa?! Luckily the nut was still usable. 

From: Alvin: San Diego, CA

Comments: I purchased the 6.3:1 gear ratio to fish smaller swimbaits.  Amazing reel with a ton of power and very smooth drags.  For $199, you can't beat the price.  Shimano better figure out a way to bring the price down on the Curado 300 without compromising the quality of the reel to compete.

From: Ron: Trabuco Canyon

Comments: Good reel. Only draw back is not free spool. Put boca bearings in and tried to break them in. Still the same. Its good for big weights.

From: Dan

Comments: Putting some hurt on them fish with 22lbs of drag. Hard to compare this with the curado 300e. I have been using curado 300e since the begining. The only difference for me is that i can palm the reel much better. Helps me have a good grip on my rod n reel. I got HS version and like the 7.1:1 gear ratio. Its a little faster than my 300e. I abused it as much as i could. And didnt find one thing wrong with this reel. Reel feels solid and ready out the box. Good job Daiwa 

From: Juan: N.L. Mexico

Comments: Just got this reel in today. Feels great, smooth, kinda heavy but it looks good. Planning on trying it out the following weekend. Can't wait tell catch a hog with it.

From: Sai: Fresno, CA

Comments: Have had this reel for a few days and I got a good sense of the casting ability on it.  I have been searching for a Revo Toro 61-HS for a while but ended up picking this up.  For $200 I have to say it sure beats out the Toro.  It's quiet and a lot easier to hold that the bigger Toro.  I did have to take a second and third look into the box when purchased...theres just a small folded up manual and a reel in a plastic bag, nothing else. I have the 7.1:1 and love throwing my big wooden punkers on it.

From: Favor: CA

Comments: Have had mine for close to a week now and can't say a enough good things about it. Came in a box with a manual, no oil, tools of any kind, not even a bag around the reel much less protective padding to protect the reel from bouncing around. Checked with Daiwa and that's the way it's supposed to came. Can't believe that's for real! Skimped on the right things to shave the $50 diff. between the Lexa and the Currado 300 I guess. Both are fine reels that would be hard to go wrong with either. I'm not a Daiwa camper but could get there easily after first getting the Pluton for my big swimbaits which I've thoroughly enjoyed, and now the Lexa for my mid to small swimbaits. Very similar retrieving experience in my opinion between the two reels. Easily as nice as any of my Shimano TE round reels as well (e.g. 200CTE and 400TE). Very sweet reel! Very smooth, and light in the hand. Smooth drag. Quiet. Casts like all get out. Lovin' that Daiwa Magforce cast control!!! Extremely easy to setup for a variety of weight baits without constant adjustments like some reels. Perfect for mid-size hard and soft swimbaits like the Lunker Punker, Huddleston Deluxe or the 316 Rising Son and Wake Bait. Casting them seems easier than it should be, lol. Armageddons might be a stretch to cast but haven't tried mine yet. Low profile feels like a smaller framed reel in hand, fits naturally. LOTS of torque, even with higher gear ratios seems effortless to retrieve the big girls (mine's the faster 7:1), especially with the terrific big handle Daiwa put on it! Feels like it could be the same size as the handle on my Pluton. Gun Metal finish is very, very nice; hides dirt and such well. 

From: TJ: CO

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