The Daiwa Peanut Shallow Diving Crankbait features a classic crankbait design, producing a tight consistent wobble as it moves through the water. Fished around structure, the Daiwa Peanut performs at its best, enticing bass to strike as it deflects off of stumps, rocks, etc. Its shallow diving bill also allows it to swim in a nose-down position on the retrieve, keeping its hooks away from snags. Definitely a great crankbait for the money, the Daiwa Peanut Shallow Crankbait is available in several key colors to match the forage in your local waters.

Daiwa Length Weight Depth Class Hooks
Peanut Shallow 2" 5/16oz 3ft Floating #8

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: they look and work great. Just dont bang them up on rocks or dock's. they split wide open at the seam.

From: Matt: SoCal

Comments: Fish the olive color all the time. Destroy the bass. Hooks are terrible, but a couple dollar replacement for tons of fish doesn't bother me. I've caught largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, and walleye with this thing. Doesn't snag on the bottom either in the fox river.

From: Tom: IL

Comments: Without a doubt the best Shallow Crank in my honest opinion.  It has a very tight swim and great build quality for asking price!!  The stock hooks are not good(cheap and hangs each other).  I really really really recommend everyone to exchange the hook with #6 Mustad KVD Elite treble hooks, they are stronger and bigger, yet shorter so it  does not hang on each other no matter how hard you try it!  100% RECOMMENDED!!! Give it a shot!

From: Toshiya: Elk Grove Village, IL

Comments: Ive turned soo many non-believers on to this little crank! Ive caught some monsters on this thing fishing off the shore. Prizim shad in the day, Prizim black shad at night has been what works for me. Bass inhale them!

From: Mike: Huntington Beach, CA

Comments: Love this little crank. As mentioned before you do have to change the hooks. I like them for fishing for smallmouth in shallow rivers. Bang these things off of stumps rocks whatever, they will get bit. Mine works best with a stop and go retrieve.

From: Nathan: MI

Comments: its a good little crankbait, caught alot of bass and crappies on it, but you MUST replace the hooks on this thing, the hooks they give you are way to small and thin and i bent them straight on bass under a pound multiple times. but other than the hooks, its a great little bait, very satisfied.

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