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This high quality addition to Daiwa's spinning reel line up really caught our attention because it is packed with some of Daiwa's superior features but we can still sell it at a very reasonable price. Regal Xi gives anglers an incredible 10 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing for tremendous smoothness and long life. Regal features ABS Spool Technology for less line friction for more distance, no dead line at the bottom of the spool and the ability to fill Regal's spool right to the rim without fear of tangles. BailSafe locks the bail open on the outcast, the Lifetime bail spring ensures your bail will click over; every time, and Twist BusterII with a ball bearing line roller helps eliminate line twist which leads to tangles. You also get Advanced Locomotive Levelwind which lays the line on the spool evenly for more casting distance, Gryo Spin balanced rotor for reduced wobble, and rock solid instant anti-reverse. Regal Xi comes with a free aluminum spare spool to make this one of the best values in spinning reels you'll find today.

Reel Specs
RG1500 XiA
Bearings: 10BB+1RB
Line Cap: 4/155, 6/100, 8/80
RG2000 XiA
Bearings: 10BB+1RB
Line Cap: 6/135, 8/110, 10/90
RG2500 XiA
Bearings: 10BB+1RB
Line Cap: 6/210, 8/170, 10/140
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Comments: This reel is awesome!  I bought one for a friend since it was on sale for 29.99.  When I received it next day and felt it, I had to have one for myself.  The overall feeling of it is very solid.  It reels smooth and you can fine tune the drag in small increments.  I spooled mine up with 10 lb mono and went out and caught several smallmouth on a drop shot.  I also went out a couple days later and caught over a dozen pink salmon with several over 5 lbs in strong current.  the reel has a lot of power to horse in fish when neccessary but lets them take as much line as they want, very smoothly.  I am almost debating buying 1 or 2 more to replace a couple of my spinning reels.  Get them while they're hot and on sale for 29.99!

From: Elijah: Seattle, WA

Comments: This reel is junk bail spring broke in the first month of using it.

From: Chris: Rhode Island

Comments: Awesome reel for the price, I use mostly the exceller model daiwa reels but I recently bought one of these and i am very impressed with the performance. Very low line twist and an extremely smooth drag. Awesome Deal!

From: Gabe: Delaware

Comments: Solid Reel, However the backreel switch is very cheaply made and looks like it will snap sooner than later.  Which is not a huge deal, but it was poorly crafted.

From: Adam

Comments: Very good reel for the price.  I like their spool design better than Shimano's lower-end stuff (Sedona).  Handles 20lb braid very well.  Drag is smooth and adjustable in very small increments. 

From: Simon

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