Daiwa SS SV 103 JDM Casting Reel


Delivering precision and performance like only Daiwa Japan can, the Daiwa SS SV 103 Casting Reel is a new arrival to the US. Thanks to its newly designed SV Rotor, it is amazing at casting lightweight lures, maximizing distance and greatly minimizing backlashes. Also an excellent choice for casting and fishing traditional offerings, its Magforce Z Cast Control System also helps out in the casting department, offering external cast control and 10 points of adjustment.

Incredibly lightweight as well thanks to its advanced hybrid Magnesium Zaion construction and G1 Duralumin Air Spool, the SS SV 103 offers a compact, easily palmable profile and weighs in at a feather light 5.3oz. Available in 5.3:1, 6.3:1 and 7.1:1 gear ratios for a wide range of bass fishing applications, it also delivers excellent power and a smooth drag to tame big fish and help you put them in the well. On another level when it comes to casting performance, especially with lightweight lures, the Daiwa SS SV 103 Casting Reel puts Japanese precision and performance into the palm of your hand.

-Hybrid Magnesium Zaion Frame and Sideplates
-Advanced SV Rotor
-G1 Duralumin Air Spool
-Magforce Z Cast Control
-Swept 80mm Handle


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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
SS SV 103 Right 5.3:1 5.3 7BB + 1RB 14/100, 16/90 In Stock: 3+ $199.97
SS SV 103L Left 5.3:1 5.3 7BB + 1RB 14/100, 16/90 In Stock: 3+ $199.97

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I just got this reel a week ago and already dislike it. Took it to the lake once and threw a square bill on it. I couldn't cast half as far as usual. It felt super light but also cheap and it's a bulky reel.

From: Andrew - Dallas, TX 2/19/17

Comments: Great reel! Don't listen to ppl saying there is better at the $199.99 price point.  There r good reels but not better considering the components they use in this reell.

From: Mark: Toronto 2/15/17

Comments: The reel feels ok, but at the price point I think there are much better options..

From: Stu 1/10/17

Comments: For the sale price of $199, this reel is already amazing, I can cast 3/16 confidently and far with 12lb fluoro, and 1/8 a fair distance if in a pinch.  It is an EXTREMELY light reel and with aluminum gears probably not best for heavy duty, but for bass applications is perfect.  I would highly consider ordering 4 bearings (4x7x2.5mm) for the handle because the stock 4 bushings are rough, the positive from that is all 8 bearings listed are inside the reel.

From: Weston: AR 12/24/16

Comments: Wow what a cheap price for such an incredible performing reel. Very high quality and impossible to beat at this price. I like Shimano & Daiwa & this reel performs to both high end standards. Buy one & love it, it's nice light and powerful .

From: Mike: USA 9/20/16

Comments: Added a few extra bearings to the handle. Bought it specifically for finesse. Performs amazingly! Definitely getting more.

From: Yoshi: Japan 9/10/16

Comments: This reel is sick. I gotta admit. Does best with mono. You can straight launch a zell pop with this thing. Gotta replace the 4 knob bushings imo which is no big deal.

From: Gabe: Colins, MS 4/6/16

Comments: A dream reel to cast with, you cannot backlash with this reel. Smoothest reel on the market. I have casted 1/8th once lures & not backlashed once. Pair it with a zillion you can cast all day long.

From: Warren: USA 3/14/16

Comments: This is a great reel. The SV spool is great, when you set this reel is properly for the bait you are using, it's nearly impossible to backlash. I like the simplicity of Daiwa's braking system & with a couple seconds, I had this reel dialed in. Use braid backing and this sucker will be humming.

From: Nick: USA 2/3/2016

Comments: I have a couple of these that I bought from Japan. They are excellent reels, basically a Steez SV, minus a few bearings. I like mine for burning traps & also for senkos. The drag isn't very powerful on top end, but it is VERY smooth.

From: Tim: Oxford, GA 12/18/15

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