Daiwa Steez EX Spinning Reels

Loaded with Daiwa’s most advanced spinning reel features, the Daiwa Steez EX Spinning Reel is the next generation of Daiwa’s ultra-refined Steez Series of reels. Its precision saltwater-protected Zaion Body is incredibly lightweight and rugged, offering reliable corrosion resistance and rigid support. A thirteen bearing system (7CRBB/5BB + 1RB) ensures consistently fluid casts and retrieves, and Daiwa’s Digigear gearing delivers serious cranking power. Also equipped with Daiwa’s Long Cast X-treme ABS System, Zaion Air Rotor and a host of other technologies, the Daiwa Steez EX Spinning Reel takes spinning reel performance to new heights.

Additional Features:

-Mag-Sealed Construction (body and line roller)
-13 bearing system
-Air Bail with Titanium Nitrade Finish
-Silent Oscillation
-Twist Buster II
-ABS Spool with Cut-Proof Titanium Nitride Spool Lip
-Infinite Anti-Reverse
-Neoprene Bag

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
STEEZEX3012H Right/Left 5.6:1 7.9 (7CR+5BB) + 1RB 8/170, 10/140 In Stock: 2 $799.99
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Customer Reviews

Comments: If you are a true tournament angler, you already know that the most important combo in your tackle arsenal is your finesse combo. To catch finicky, clear water, spooky, and really deep water bass is not easy and is a skill that you must have in your bag of tricks to do well during those tuff derbies. When money is on the line, "it takes money to make money!". This reel paired with the new Steez finesse rod with the carbon fiber guides is the best finesse combo available - PERIOD! You will feel bites in 60 feet of water and it will blow your mind!! 

From: T. Lain: Menifee, CA 3/16/15

Comments: Steez is top quality... Look we all know the price of there reels. But you always get what you pay for. I have this reel with my drop shot NRX and there is nothing better that I have ever seen or felt. I got so spoiled with this set up I won't buy anything else anymore. I had all the rods and reels out there. But once I finally went with steez reels and NRX rods to me there is nothing that even comes close.

From: Michael: Santa Cruz ,CA

Comments: Flawless reel! nothing compares. don't listen to theese reviews from people who have never used a good reel. by the way there's no such thing as an awesome 200 dollar reel. They may be awesome at first but they dont last. I would rather buy this reel than buy a new 200 dollar reel every few months.

From: Nic: USA

Comments: i have 8 ex2508's....caught 10k fish on them smallies, walleyes, pike, gills, crappies. i like them better than the 6 stella's i have. i use sustains for the gears...you need retrieve to pick-up slack on long cast top water and to beat smallies to the boat when the run at you on worms. i bought a steezex for the gears...they aren't as fast as my new sustains or stellas. the skirt on the new steezex is a little short and opens a little gap behind the spool. i've had windblown slack get in there. the steezex has smoother drag than the 2508s. the certate i have has the gears but is a clunker compared to the steez.

From: Pete: morris,il.,usa

Comments: Good luck trying to explain to the people who'd rather save a couple of hundreds on a fishing reel. They have no idea what's it like at the end of the day between a good quality reel and an average reel. What they don't know you can't argue. If you're able to afford it, buy it.

From: hmoobmuas: Clovis, CA

Comments: Owned this reel for a month now. Should've bought 4 stradics.  Hell no!!! Paired with my Nrx it's an awesome dropshot combo.  Some people should save the 600 and go take classes on how to spell. "WOUNDER?" I haven't seen too many people in their little boats using "fishin poles" out fish me.

Comments: WOW and there is guys who buys this just for the price they think it will help them LOL . And they wounder why the guy in the cheap boat and using cheaper reels is beating them lol save your money and go to fishing school.

From: Kevin: KY

Comments: I have the 3012 model and its is an absolute monster.  Compared to the Stella 3000, the Steez is a much smaller profile reel.  I own a Stella 1000fe and I prefer the Steez just because of the size.  For the idiotic comments above, why buy a 200 dollar reel when you can buy 4 $50 reels?  800 is expensive (maybe 100 less is better price) but when you actually hold one in your hand you will definately see why it is priced so much. 

Comments: You can buy 4 Shimano Stradics for the price of this reel.  I have held one of these reels and used one. THEY DO THE SAME THING. Save your money. Buy a rod and a reel, pocket the rest. Remeber its the fishermen that catches the fish not the reel.

Comments: I'm not about to say this reel is worth the price, because obviously to a lot of people; it won't be.  I know I'll never own one, but it's not because it's not a great reel.  I fish $120 to $200 spinning reels.  If you never fish anything else, you'll think that $200 reel is the smoothest thing ever made.  And it is smooth!  Really don't need anything else.  However, fish a Steez for a few minutes or a Stella for that matter; and that $200 reel will feel like garbage.  It's way smoother and practically fishes itself.  It's almost too smooth.  The drag is also better; which really only matters if you fish light line.  This reel won't apeal to many fisherman, but if you have the money; get one.  You'll love it. I honestly wish I could own a couple.

From: Rich: CA

Comments: It looks like Daiwa wants a $800 reel to compete with the Shimano Stella price for some CRAZY reason, like who wants to pay $800 for ONE reel? Simply INSANE and this reel doesn't look as good as the first edition Steez spinning reel... This one looks cheap compared to the first Steez spinning reel. One thing I find with Daiwa is every year the prices raise, raise, raise... HOW HIGH YA GOING TO GO DAIWA????

From: Mike: Okee, FL

Comments: This is just offensive. $800 Dollars for a spinning reel. Or you could just buy four awesome $200 dollar reels.... This thing better have a built in GPS or a TV or something.

Comments: I decided to take the plunge, so I sold one of my older Steez 2500 combos to soften the blow of the cost.  I don't see much diffence in the EX2508, but just like my old reel it is an absolute beast of a spinning real,  I do like the new finish and the drag may actually be a bit smoother which I didn't think was possible. I paired it with the Steez 6'11 mega top and what a comination they make.  It's almost impossible not to detect the slightest of bites.

From: Aman: Phoenix, AZ

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