Daiwa Steez SVF-XBD Frog Rod

One of the lightest and most exciting frog rods on the market, the Daiwa Steez SVF-XBD Frog Rod is specifically designed to accommodate today's popular braided super lines. Perfect for working a frog through heavy cover, the solid backbone and fast taper of the Steez SVF-XBD Frog Rod allows the angler to make solid hook sets and provides the fish control necessary for yanking big fish out of the weeds. Many anglers prefer braided lines, especially when fishing frogs due to the fact that braided lines are extremely strong, abrasion resistant and have less stretch and much thinner diameters than standard monofilament or fluorocarbon. While these features make braided line the perfect choice for fishing frogs, braided line puts a lot of stress on rod blanks and line guides.

In order to combat the issues braided super lines pose on traditional fishing equipment, the Steez SVF-XBD makes use of Daiwa's X-Torque Graphite construction, uni-directional SVF-XBD graphite sandwiched between bias graphite throughout the entire length of the blank. The result is reduced weight and greater strength, as well as, a resistance to twisting. The special Fuji Titanium framed SIC Guides are also built extra tough so the braid won't cut in or groove. In addition, the guides are positioned closer to the blank so they won't bend or twist under the pressure of heavy lines.

Only premium components are include with the Steez SVF-XBD Frog Rod. The Air-Beam Reel Seats have all excess weight removed, leaving only the material necessary for strength and durability. The Machined Aluminum Fore-Nut eliminates the seldom-used traditional foregrip to reduce weight, increase sensitivity and lock the reel securely to the rod. Air-Foam Grips round out the high-end features, providing superior light-weight comfort and a secure grip. Rest assured the Daiwa Steez SVF-XBD Frog Rod will stand up to heaviest fight a big bass can throw your way and also provide the comfort to allow you to fish all day long.

Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Daiwa Steez XBD Frog Rod 7'4" ExHvy


Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 55-80lb Braid 1/2-2oz 8+Tip Steez XBD Frog A 15" In Stock: 1 $479.99
Steez XBD Frog A

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One of the best rods I've ever owned, quite possibly the best. 7'4" is my favorite length for not only frogging but also for pitching/flipping jigs & worms. This is a beautifully crafted rod with outstanding sensitivity even throwing senkos but probably excels the most throwing 1/2 oz jigs & can even double duty as a small swimbait rod throwing 68 hudds. Hope you hate money b/c you will be buying more steez rods guaranteed after you own one. What started as a xmas gift has now become a money pit & now find myself buying & using the steez rods significantly more than my. Dobyns ChampExtreme & Loomis GLX. We all have our own preferences based on our abilities, styles, etc. but for me, the Steez, particularly this 7'4" svf-xbd frog rod is my favorite. 

From: Randy: Yuba City, CA 8/22/16

Comments: This rod is my second crazy expensive bass rod that I bought here & I love it. It's ridiculously light. So throwing, skipping, or pitching heavy baits all day long brings little to no fatigue even in the dog days of summer. I have it paired up with a Revo Rocket & in my opinion it is the most gangster frog rod set up in history. I cast paddle toads, poppin frogs & regular bronze eyes on it. Whether in open water or the thickest crap nature will throw at you. It prevails. This rod walks a frog better than any rod I've owned up until now. Also use this for flippin & deep water baits. The unreal sensitivity on this Steez really shines there. Like I said it feels like a medium light rod but its thick blank and stiff perfect build reminds you that it's a frog rod. Only get it if you're insane about froggin.

From: Benjamin: IL 8/1/16

Comments: Very nice rod! Perfect tool for frog fishing IMO, the action is perfect to throw & make the frog dance, the backbone is here (I extract several 12 lbs northern pikes from the weeds without problem).
Premium blank with premium features such as the double foot titanium sic guides & the air beam reel seat. This stick is pure quality from the butt to the tip. This quality level has a price but If you are a frog addict as I am & if you can afford it, this rod can't disappoint you.

From: Ben: France 4/11/16

Comments: This is a very nice rod, quality components, light & very sensitive. Definitely more than enough backbone to horse large fish out of heavy cover. However, I disagree with the other reviewers who use this rod for jigs. To me, it is way too stiff for jig fishing, unless you're doing it in heavy cover. While it is a great rod for frog fishing, it is a specialty rod for me (and an expensive one) for just frogs and flipping / pitching heavy stuff (and it is advertised as such). If, like me, you have been used to homerun swing hooksets with Medium-Heavy gear, you definitely don't need to do this with this rod (and 60-lbs braid). I tore the hook off my frog on my first hookset and sent a 1-lber dink flying out of the pads :-)

From: John: Boston, MA 7/10/15

Comments: I bought this rod just for frog fishing and it is the best frog rod I have ever had.  But the frog bite is about done so I decided to try jig fishing with it this weekend.  All I can say is this is the most sensitive rod I have ever fished and I've had Loomis and now I'm currently "all in" with Duckett Micro Magic and I love Duckett rods, but there is no comparison as far sensitivity goes.  It was blowing 20mph sustained and I was fishing a 3/8oz jig just to see how sensitive it was and wow I felt bites with this rod that I hate to say I would've never felt with the Duckett line.  That is not a slam on Duckett rods because I still love them and for the price they're hard to beat, but I do see another Steez in my future!!!!

From: Brett: IL

Comments: This rod is a great frog rod understood probably the best but...this rod is probably one of the best football jig rods as well the sensitivity is what you would expect from a steez so it's deffinitly up there in sensitivity and the slower taper paired with Xheavy makes this my go to rod for both techniques!

From: Samuel: TX

Comments: Best frog rod I have ever used... Quite expensive, but worth every penny. If you fish hollow bodied frogs this is a must own. Tip is soft so walking the dog is easily accomplished, plus the soft tip helps with awesome hook sets. But don't be fooled there is PLENTY of backbone on this rod to horse fish out the thickest of crap.

From: Jake: NC

Comments: Word, this pole rocks.  I fish every technique with it and it rapes.  Light, yet very strong, I love it, I would say I'll grab another one but I can't afford it.

From: Steve: 10,00 Lakes, MN

Comments: I will say one thing about this rod DO NOT BUY IT IF YOU CANT AFFORD BUYING SEVERAL OF THEM because once you use it your not going to want to use anything else. This rod is truly the FERRARI of bass fishing rods.

Comments: This is an amazing rod!! I have used this rod for: jigs, texas rigs, senko's, flipping, and this rod does it all great. I will try it with a frog when that times comes but I will continue to use these for these techniques. I had to order more for frog fishing because I don't ever see using anything other than this rod for my jigs, texas rigs, senko's. This is a VERY sensitive rod that you can feel every little thing that's going on with your bait. You will feel the bites that you've been missing with this rod. The sensitivity blew me away using 20# flurocarbon, I had to order more. This is simply perfection.....

From: Markell: Marshall, NC

Comments: Right outta the tube you can tell this rod is something special - though its so light I was a bit skeptical that it would handle like a true heavy-duty frog rod.  Boy was I wrong - this rod performs like a champ. I paired mine up with a Megabass IS71 Hyperlariat and the combo just sings together.  Get one- you will not regret it one bit cuz this sucker is heirloom quality.

From: GG: NJ, USA

Comments: I've fished this with a Steez 103HA reel the last few months and it is as good as it gets bass fishing.  I've thrown swimbaits, jigs, heavy flipping baits, texas rigs, carolina rigs, and crankbaits.  This rod does it all well.  I'm going to purchase another soon because it fits my needs in a rod.  It is well balanced when paired with a steez and the tip is fast enough to give you excellent sensitivity but also gets to the backbone quick giving you awesome hooksetting power.  I don't want to fish with any other rod after using this one.  It's definately worth the price, and I don't think anyone would put it down for another rod once they've given it a try.

From: Tye: Texas, USA 

Comments: This is the best frog rod of all times. Paired with a shimano core 50 is a perfect match.The finish is almost identical. The performance together is unbeatable. Caught a 10.5oz. bass on a stanley ribbit and drug it out of the slop straight to the boat. All backbone with just enough tip. Works perfectly for flipping heavy mats.

From: Steve: Deland, FL

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