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Here's a top-of-the-line dropshot rod made by one of the best rod manufacturers in Japan today, and it offers everything you would want in a dropshot rod, especially comfort. The blank is made of extremely lightweight, high-modulus graphite for fantastic sensitivity and a fast, responsive tip, and it's finished with attractive, high-tech paint and graphics so you'll look good catching fish, too. The reel seat is something different than we've seen from Daiwa, featuring a high-grade cork barrel and an effective up-locking nut, which means your reel will be firmly seated against cork and cannot come loose. The fore grip is long and narrow so you can grip the rod and reel combo ahead of the reel and keep your hand on soft, comfortable, non-fatiguing cork, helping you maintain balance and control for hours of shaking the little worms. The guides are top-of-the-line Silicon Carbide for long life and low friction which means you can cast farther with less effort. This rod is a little stiffer than most other manufacturer's dropshot rods but it has the right combination of power and softness to control fish while not breaking them off. If you need a power dropshot rod that you can fish with all day, this good-looking, high-tech, light weight rod has it all.

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Comments: Awesome drop shot/split shot rod. I liked it so much I bought two! And thinking about buying another one at this price! I've caught so many fish on this rod. It's light, sensitive, and it provides solid hook sets.

From: D. Wise: Los Angeles, CA 5/25/14

Comments: this rod is like a snake, not a bone in its body.  If you didn't need to set the hook, this rod would be great.  Unfortunately, you do!

From: Joe: Penssyltucky

Comments: Going on 3 years with this rod. Very very very Sensitive. Feel every tick. Pretty light for big fish but a good reel with the drag set correctly makes it manageable. I enjoy this rod and would recommend it.

From: Casey: Dover, OH

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