Daiwa Tatula 100 Casting Reel - $149.99

A whole new species of baitcaster, the Daiwa Tatula 100 Casting Reel features a stealthy new look and Daiwa’s latest reel technologies. Perfect for skipping docks, pitching or making long bomb casts, its advanced hybrid TWS T-Wing Casting System, like the original T-Wing System, delivers enhanced casting capabilities for increased accuracy and distance, as well as a more natural, free fall for your lures. Now completely housed inside the Tatula’s rock solid body as well, the new Hybrid T-Wing system is easier to handle and allows the Tatula’s durable Aluminum frame and sideplates to maintain incredible rigidity that won’t bend under pressure. The Tatula also features a wider, next generation spool, which provides increased line capacity, while maintaining a frame width comparable to that of the TD Zillion. Daiwa’s new Air Rotation System also facilitates a smoother feel, effortless winding, and maximum free spinning rotation of the handle. A longer, stronger drive gear provides increased power, and the 90mm handle has been lengthened and out-fitted with over-sized grips for increased cranking power. Also equipped with Daiwa’s ultimate tournament drag system, the Daiwa Tatula 100 Casting Reel will have fish shaking in their boots and stopping dead in their tracks.


-New T-Wing System
-Solid Aluminum Frame and Side Plate (gear side)
-Ultimate Tournament Drag System UTD
-Air Rotation System
-MagForce-Z Cast Control
-Infinite Anti-Reverse
-Cut-Away 90mm Swept Handle
-New Daiwa Custom Handle Knobs


Featuring Daiwa's redesigned T-Wing Casting System for improved casting distance and accuracy, the Daiwa Tatula Casting Reel offers an easily palmable, low profile design and a host of Daiwa's most advanced features.

Comments: After I got this reel I tested it out on Guntersville. Let me tell you, this thing is great. The TWS allows you to cast even a weightless senko a mile. It also has the smoothest drag I have ever seen in a reel. It really allows those 5 pounders to do their thing while you are fighting them in. It is also incredibly durable. I only have one negative thing to say about this reel. It gets uncomfortable to palm after a while of fishing. I don't have the biggest of hands though so this may not be a problem for you. But overall this thing is amazing, if you are thinking about getting it, get it.

From: Brody: GA 4/3/14

Comments: Just bought this reel last week and its amazing. This reel feels smooth, solid and its quiet. It can cast crankbaits a mile even with heavy line. Don't listen to the negative reviews from the haters! This reel is the real deal

From: Jordan: RI 3/14/14

Comments: I was very hesitant about getting this reel, because I have had some bad experiences with Daiwa's "lower end" (or cheaper priced) reels before, but this reel is solid! I am in no way affiliated with Diawa or any other reel brand out there, I have curado Gs, chronarch, abu, Lews, a little bit of everything. I got the 5.4:1 for cranking and let me tell you it does no disappoint at all. That said this reel is definitely not as comfortable to palm as some of my other reels, but I have kind of small hands. If you have really small hands this reel is not for you, so do not get it and complain about the size. It casts any crankbait I throw a mile, from dt4 or 6 all the way to a dt16 even flat sided crankbaits and a kvd 1.0 squarebill. If you have this reel and are having trouble with casting distance, then you are either throwing the wrong rod, or have to heavy line. My set up for shallow to medium runners is the 5.4 on Mojo Bass 7 foot composite crankbait rod and 12lb Sunline cast like a dream and is smoother than just about every other reel I own! Cant beat it for the price!

From: Big C: AL 3/11/14

Comments: This reel Is amazing I absolutely love it!  the casting distance is great and rarely gets birds nested! Actually 2 days ago I took it out for the first time on the water with my 6'9 MH duckett ghost. I caught 2 Monster bass 7.5lb and 8.2lb so yeah This reel is one of the best for its price!

From: Garrett: Hoover, AL 3/3/14

Comments: I've had this reel for a while now.This is a big reel and I find it hard to palm comfortably.  It gets to the point where it starts to cramp my hands up after 5-6 hours straight.  If you have small hands like me, this might not be the reel for you.  Other than that, this reel performs great.  I have the 7:3:1 and man is it fast.  I can throw anything on this reel.  I did notice that my reel has a grove in the TWS which I think was designed to keep the line in the middle of the TWS.  I fish it on 50 lb braid and use it mainly for pitching jigs.  This reel will get fish back t the boat in a flash.

From: Unknown: USA 2/25/14

Comments: First off this is an amazing product daiwa has created the reel is rock solid from the gearing to the actual frame itself it's all 100% solid. For those people who are complaining of grooving your full of BS! Unless your using a dam steel leader get out of here with that BS! I fish this reel 3-4 times a week since it came out last year using 50lb Sunline fx2 and I have not one single groove so go jump on either the lews or Abu bandwagon and stop bashing an amazing reel!!

From: HaHa: USA 2/25/14

Comments: This reel is awesome and should have very little to no bad reviews. have used it in the San Diego Bay fishing for spotties and took it to the lake fishing for large mouth. cast far and smooth. gotta get another one very soon for other applications.

From: Victor: San Diego, CA 2/24/14

Comments: The line goes over the bar. I think the reason some people are getting groves in the TWS may be because they put the line under the bar.

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: Spooling line on this reel is it under the bar or above it crazy ? I know but have seen videos both ways.

From: Unknown: TX

Comments: I purchased one in the 6.3 ratio and was testing it out in the front yard, i could already see where the groves are forming so dudes not lying.  I ended up taking it back and getting a lews speed spool and used the rest of money on baits. plus the speed spool out casts the tatula some how.

From: Jacob: Bee Spring, KY

Comments: I have been fishing this reel 3 days a week for the last two months and I am throwing it with 60lb Sunline FX2 and do not have one single groove in my TWS at all period! 

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: This reel is the best reel ever for skipping. If you can't skip without backlashing, then you don't know how to skip. Also, I've found I can fish 1/16oz trout jigs on this reel farther than I can with spinning gear using 30lb braid, 6lb leader, and a 6'9 med/light seeker bushido. Great casting and super smooth. If this reel was $300, I would still buy it. Thanks tackle warehouse and Daiwa

From: Bryce: Lake Forest, CA

Comments: To the guy who said he had a groove cut into the line guide. You sir, are a liar. No way, now stop posting about a nice reel you don't even own and go back to which ever reel bandwagon you jumped off of.

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: This reel does cast far and is very smooth; however, I bought the reel tip help me skip baits, like a weightless senko. No matter how I adjust this reel, I can't get it to skip baits without back lashing. It's not a bad reel, It's just that I should've purchased another Lew's reel instead.  

From: Tom: Charleston, SC

Comments: Best reel on the market at its price point! For $150 you cannot go wrong this thing throws miles past any Abu or Lews PERIOD!!! The TWS is amazing and works flawless and you can really notice the AIR ROTATION it's just silky smooth even after abusing it for 2 months. The magnetic brakes are super easy to dial. I can empty my whole spool of 60lb Sunline FX2 throwing a 3/4 oz. megabass xpod easily!! LOL now that's what you call a country mile!!

From: Morebassthanyou: PA

Comments: Maybe a little bulky and heavy, but its a great reel. Super smooth and casts really well. I would recommend this reel

From: Unknown: IL

Comments: I purchased this reel several months ago after studying most of the reels in this price point and above. I've found this reel to be very similar to the Curado e7 in side by side comparison and internal construction as well. It shares the same design as the Curado e7 with a support bearing around the pinion gear instead of being placed on the spool where fouling can occure. It's a very tight reel with a lot of cranking torque, just like the e7. The mag z cast control is easy to dial in and will outcast any centrificul design with better control. Seems to me that this is the new Curado, just made by Diawa. Put them side by side and compare. Don't get me wrong, I own 10 Curado's and love them. This is my first Diawa and is just simply an amazing reel at its price point.

From: Todd: Shreveport, LA

Comments: was able to start my 2014 fishing season with this reel. Cast like butter , built solid and throwing weightless senko just fly. Palms nicely even with the wide spool. The 8.0.1 is a just have for flipping and pitching. Can't wait to fish it more.

From: Sai: Fresno, CA

Comments: I bought this reel because I wanted a 6:4:1 geared reel and I had a gift card at a place that only had 7:1's in other reels and this one in 6:4 - let me tell you, it is very impressive.  I have Revo SX's, Chronarchs, Curados, Lews, etc..  Like someone else said, I have been trying different ones to see for myself.  This one is a little bigger, but not much bigger and it casts farther and smoother than any of my other reels.  I am going to buy a few more, they are awesome.  You won't be disappointed

From: Slade: D/FW - Texas

Comments: the best real I have ever put in my hand... I have always been a fan of daiwa the zillions,rods, every thing I love everything about daiwa but this real goes threw the  roof casts a mile, I can throw a zoom trick worm no lie at least 55 yards!!!! it looks nice feals nice it is amzzzzzziiinnnggg. it casdt farther then my sping  set up good strong drag.. for lakes for big bass and light salt water conditions... you have to buy it...it is amazing... im 12 years old I fish every day till the sun goes down.. and this the reel I fish every day and it still feels brand spanken new BUY IT!!!!

From: Darien: cape coral,florida,usa

Comments: Great Reel!!!! On a 7 foot worm and jig, skip it under docks all day with fluorocarbon!!!!

Comments: I really wanted to like this reel. The main complaints I had seen about this reel was it was a bit large and a bit heavy. I was using it on Dobyns 7' M Cranking rod it balanced good and felt fine in my hand. That is until I started to crank it. Everyone brags about how smooth these reels are supposed to be. The one I had an "H" version growled like a dog and was not smooth at all. I fished it a few times hoping it may get smoother it didn't. It got worse so I returned it. On a side note the claims about it casting further. I didn't really see it against the shimano Chronarchs and Curados I use. I will say it casted easier on short throws but when airing out a crankbait I didn't see any real difference between it and other reels I crank with."

From: Blake: Skiatook, OK

Comments: extremely nice reel! Incredibly smooth with plenty of power and it cast a mile no matter what You tie on. The best and most comfortable reel handles I've used. I love my quantum smoke 150 because of how low it sits on my Veritas and other things but my tatula sits much higher on my Veritas rod...just something to think about when buying. Other than that Not a single complaint about the reel it's perfect in all areas... Especially casting distance and color

From: gbass: Jacksonville, Fl

Comments: one of the best reels i have ever used and is deffenetly the smoothest. casting is amazing and the larget handel than the standard 80mm baitcaster handle provides plenty of power.

From: James: Atlanta GA

Comments: this reel is smooth alittle heavy but still fine. This reel is better then my abu garcia reels.I will be buying more of these

Comments: Very nice reel. It is definitely worth the money

From: Larry: IN

Comments: wow! this reel is pretty sick! yeah it is kinda big for a 100 reel, but man can this thing cast! i swear this thing has no gears in it cause it's so smooth. and the price is the best part about it. for a buck fifty it's not a bad buy at all

From: Mitch: st.cloud, mn

Comments: I had been wanting to try the Tatula since I first heard about it and was able to pick one up this past weekend and try it out yesterday. I'm definitely impressed, long casts require minimal effort. It's heavy and bulky compared to a Steez, but considering the price and performance, it's easy enough to overlook the weight and size. I think it's the best reel out there in this price range.

From: Slade: KS

Comments: I feel like this reel is going to set records at this price. It performs just like my Chronarch 201e6, and blows my AG Revo SX out of he water. The things I'm most impressed with is how easy it is to pitch because of the TWS, and how smooth the retrieve is because of the air rotation. I will be buying more of these for my future rods. I'm just amazed at how well this reel performs. This is my first Diawa reel, and I'm in love with it.

From: Sam: Greensboro, NC, USA

Comments: For the money its easily one of if not the best on the market in that price point. Nothing at all to complain about. Great reel at a super price. Can't wait to switch all of mine over.

From: Mark: Lake Fork, TX

Comments: best reel at this price range super smooth and casts a mile


Comments: WOW!!!! Amazing....simply amazing. Finally a Daiwa product that actually makes sense financially. Top of the line performance packed in a solid awesome looking reel.... TWS system totally revolutionizes baitcasting reels. Get three times the distance as any other baitcaster at any price level. Absolutely crushes the competition!!

From: Corey: Gettysburg, PA

Comments: I got my Tatula about 2 weeks ago and have been fishing with it almost everyday. This is by far the best reel out there for the money. If this real was $250 I would still buy it. It is extremely solid, casts amazing and reels smoother than any reel I've ever had. I have been switching between brands for a while to test which I like the best and this is #1 and It cost only $149. I STRONGLY recommend this reel to anyone. Ive already got 3 of my buddies to buy one and they absolutely love it.

From: Robert: Abilene, TX, USA

Comments: I was anxiously awaiting the release of this reel, and I have NOT been dissapointed.  I've had it on the water a few times now and am very pleased with it so far.  I know some folks have said it's a little wide and heavy, but I have smaller hands and it fits me perfectly. I have a fleet of Daiwa 153 HSTA's and I can tell that they will all be replaced with versions of this reel. I have it mated on a 6'10" Falcon T7 Heavy rod and mostly pitch tubes with it.  The reel is velvety smooth, pitches a light weight tube a country mile and the drag system is the best I've ever felt in a $150 reel. Time will tell how it holds up, but it feels very substantial and robust without being heavy.  So far, this is the best $150 reel I've seen or heard about.

From: Mark: KS USA

Comments: Well my impression of this reel so far in testing is great.  Casting as of now with this reel being new is beyond great and it will only get better more it is used.  It is very tight currently. Casting 1/2oz jig with trailer and the setting at 3 on the brake I am able to reach out 70 to 75 yards with 15lb sunline on 6'10" Falcon lowrider (old rod). Cranking power is what I am very impressed with and the smoothness is unbelieveable.  I am reading lots of reviews lately and most seem to think this reel at 7.9-8oz is heavy.  Hardly noticable.
More time will tell just how great this reel is and I have no doubts this is reel will be one that others will be judged by. Thanks.

From: Jeff: Wewoka, Ok USA

Comments: A little wide, a little heavy, but other than those two things, the best reel for this kind of money!  Super smooth reeling, super long casting, a drag that could stop Seabiscuit, simplest braking system ever, and solidly built.  Will this reel be the best reel that has ever been built in the history of mankind?  No.  But it could be the best at the $150 price point.  Only time will tell.

From: Shane: Pitts, GA, USA

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Daiwa Tatula 100 Casting Reel

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
TATULA100H Right 6.3:1 7.9 7SS + 1RB 12/150, 14/120 $149.99 3+
TATULA100HL Left 6.3:1 7.9 7SS + 1RB 12/150, 14/120 $149.99 3+
TATULA100HS Right 7.3:1 7.9 7SS + 1RB 12/150, 14/120 $149.99 3+
TATULA100HSL Left 7.3:1 7.9 7SS + 1RB 12/150, 14/120 $149.99 3+
TATULA100P Right 5.4:1 7.9 7SS + 1RB 12/150, 14/120 $149.99 3+

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