Daiwa Tatula 100 Type-R Casting Reel - $199.99

Incredibly refined and lightweight, the Daiwa Tatula 100 Type-R Casting Reel offers sleek styling and tournament-caliber performance. Daiwa’s new hybrid TWS T-Wing Casting System delivers the unequaled long casting capabilities and accuracy of the original T-Wing System, as well as, a more natural, free fall for your lures. Fully housed inside the Tatula Type R’s durable, feather-light Aluminum Frame, the new Hybrid System is easier to handle and allows the reel frame to maintain its incredible rigidity and strength.

Daiwa also engineered a wider, super lightweight A7075 Alumimum spool into the Tatula Type R’s compact frame to provide increased line capacity, while maintaining a frame width comparable to that of the TD Zillion. The precision machining and advanced materials of the new Air Rotation System reduces friction for an incredibly smooth feel, effortless winding and maximum free spinning rotation of the handle. A larger, stronger drive gear in conjunction with a redesigned, over-sized 90mm handle delivers the winding power you need to turn the heads of big fish, and the Ultimate Tournament Drag System dishes out 13.2lbs of max drag and stays silky smooth to slow fish down. A whole new species of reel, the Daiwa Tatula 100 Type-R Casting Reel is what Elite Series pros, Randy Howell, Andy Montgomery and Takahiro Omori use when big money is on the line.


-Super Lightweight A7075 Aluminum Spool
-8BB System (2CRBB, 5BB + 1RB)
-Zaion Swept Star Drag
-New T-Wing System
-Solid Aluminum Frame and Side Plate (gear side)
-New Air Rotation System
-Ultimate Tournament Drag System UTD
-Magforce-Z Cast Control
-Cut-Away 90mm Swept Handle
-New Daiwa Custom Handle Knobs

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Featuring Daiwa's new hybrid TWS T-Wing Casting System, the Daiwa Tatula 100 Type-R Casting Reel delivers unequaled casting performance and refined, tournament-caliber performance.

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Daiwa Tatula 100 Type-R Casting Reel

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
TATULA-R100H Right 6.3:1 7.6 2CR, 5BB + 1RB 14/120, 16/100 $199.99
TATULA-R100HL Left 6.3:1 7.6 2CR, 5BB + 1RB 14/120, 16/100 $199.99
TATULA-R100XS Right 8.1:1 7.6 2CR, 5BB + 1RB 14/120, 16/100 $199.99
TATULA-R100XSL Left 8.1:1 7.6 2CR, 5BB + 1RB 14/120, 16/100 $199.99

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Comments: Fantastic reel by Daiwa. I've had two of these in the 8:1 ratio for around 6 months now throwing only 1/8 ounce bug jigs and 3/16 ounce texas rigs. It casts those weights a mile effortlessly and accurately. These reels don't quite have the precisely engineered feel of the Zillions and more expensive Daiwa products, but easily compete in longevity and work horse nature. If you're after a Baitcaster to throw lighter lures efficiently and accurately, whilst still having the power to pull them out of the sticks, this is a great option to have sitting on your casting deck. Personally I think the look and feel of the Type R's are worth the extra money over the standard Tatula.

From: Ben: Queensland, Australia 3/5/15

Comments: This reel gave out on me already. I suspect the spool bearings is the problem. Was out fishing and when I twitched the line. The tension causes the spool to spin the other direction in reverse (Thumb bar was in the locked position already). Probably never getting a Daiwa reel for a long time. Had this reel for about 7 months.

From: Xiong: Charlotte, NC 12/9/14

Comments: I own 3 of these reels and don't have a complaint yet. I've used them all year without an issue. The casting is spectacular and the reel is smooth as butter. I use one (8:1) for punching grass mats and anyone that knows grass mats knows that this is tough on reels. These reels take a licking and keep on ticking.

From: Ryan: Guntersville, AL 11/6/14

Comments: I have three Type-R and they are exceptional reels. Cast easily and have a top-notch drag. Zero line problems.

From: Larry: Charlotte, NC 9/12/14

Comments: awesome reel! if you like throwing a hardhead or a big worm deep structure. The 8:1 ration is great for that particular application. I've had it since this spring. It has minimized backlashes significantly, casts extremely well, no issues with the t-wing . I will be getting more of these, Daiwa has a home-run with this reel.

From: Tim: Davenport, IA 8/31/14

Comments: I have 12 and have 3 spooled up with heavy braid. Never once have I had this problem. The t-wing handles all the abuse I put hen through... And I am HARD on my gear.  So don't listen to the reviews saying it snaps your line, because it doesn't. Best reel for 200 bucks hands down.

From: Bryve: USA 8/25/14

Comments: The Daiwa Tatula is an exceptional reel for the money.  This reel will outcast even the most expensive reels on the market.  The unique new hybrid TWS T-Wing Casting System reduces backlashes and truly out performs the others.  The benefits of the TWS system are so pronounced, Daiwa has made the move to utilize it now in their flagship Zillion series of reels.  (Yes...  It's that good.)  Durability has also been good.  I fish Redfish with the Tatula 100 Type-R's and they really hold up to big fish.

From: Keith: Madisonville, LA 8/9/14

Comments: Not that great of a reel. I've had it for about maybe 3 months. It's just not for me. Every so often it randomly I cast it out and the line get's cut from the reel somehow. Yes it's brand new line and it happens with the seaguar, sunline, and pline and no I don't have a kink in them. Just happens. Don't get me wrong the distance I get on the reel castability is pretty awesome. But since i've had it the only bad thing I can find is the line getting cut by something when I cast it.

From: Xiong: Charlotte, NC 6/16/14

Comments: It does cast extremely well and retrieves are equally smooth. I got the 8:1 and it will burn baits like none other. The T-wing system is pretty cool and I'd imagine it does help with casting distance. The reel is easy to dial in and I think reduces backslashes because of the larger level wind eyelet. One gripe is the location of the magforce control knob. The way I palm my reels puts my index finger right on the knob. As I'm casting and retrieving, I'm actually turning up the brakes, resulting in increasingly shorter casts. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on but that is the problem. I'll make adjustments to my grip or put tape over the control to stop this. One more small gripe is the fit and finish.

From: Anthony: Clearwater, FL 5/17/14

Comments: OK! It's not the best reel ever, a lot of more expensive ones will cast farther and will last longer. BUT! For the price you pay, this is by far the best reel you'll be able to get! Very very smooth, very easy to cast even with light baits under 3/16oz. Maybe the new Curado I will equal it. A great reel anyway !!!

From: Unknown: USA 4/18/14

Comments: So during the Xmas sale i bought 5 Type R  1 of the 8.1 and 4 of the 6.3.  I have always fished Diawa for the most part but 80% of my reels are all Zillions so i was a little nervous about getting a reel that was half the price.  Now with a few tournaments under my belt with these reels i can say that for the money they are almost if not just as good as the Zillions or Team Diawa stuff.  Great construction and parts and the 20% further on cast is a Min.and i would be willing to say maybe 30% with some baits.  I will be getting some more for sure just wish they made a Cranking in the type R.  I am not sponsored by Diawa if some are wondering.

From: Mike: Janesville, CA 2/28/14

Comments: I have the Type R. Nice reel for the money. It casts great and smooth on the retrieve but doesn't cast as far as all the hype suggests. On par with my Curado 50. My Metanium XG eats it alive for casting distance and smoothness. Great price for the features you get though.

From: John: TN

Comments: Really nice reel. One of the best reel i have owned. Daiwa always have good product and customer service.

From: Ricky: CA

Comments: By far one of the best reels I have probably better than my revo sx, got it in the 8.1:1. I just ordered another one.

From: Trent: IL

Comments: Casts like it runs on butter very smooth first time on water caught a 9.5 pounder with 20 pounds fluoro line no problem on the fight i have a better positioning of my baits pitching i have zillion 50. Aniv ballistic t3  i like a lot more this one thanks Daiwa.

From: Shadi: Mexico

Comments: Type R has lighter aluminum spool, Zaion drag star and a glossy black frame with red trims. Does that justify the additional cost over the regular? Your choice..

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: This is a great reel but there is not much of a difference between these and the regular tatulas other than the lighter spool. Overall it casts great and is smoother than all my lews.

From: Sam: USA

Comments: i recently purchased the Tatula type r and so far I'm very impressed I also own a daiwa heartland bait caster combo and it works a treat for barra,jacks and anything else that hides in the mangroves.recently when we did an oder from tacklewharehouse we gave the rapala scatter rap minnow a go and is proving very effective for barra ,jack and fingermark but i was struggling to cast them as they are very light i know it was angler error but since i owned this reel it cast them like a dream nice and smooth i will be buying more of these

From: Ben: cairns,QLD,Australia

Comments: Cast jackalls like a demon, aesthetically awesome and handles even very big Murray Cod with consummate ease

From: Razor: Straya

Comments: I just returned from testing the Type R and I am very impressed. The type r is very smooth and casting is awesome. I was able to cast a 1/2 oz rattletrap at least 60 yards. I have a helios,shimano 300e and a chronarch, and this reel is smoother and cast further than anything I own. This is my first Daiwa reel and I can promise you this, if you buy the daiwa tatula type r you will have the smoothest and best casting reel on the market.

From: Clayton: Durham NC

Comments: These reels are nice, but not much better than the regular tatulas. I have four tatulas (2 regular and 2 type r). they feel a bit lighter but are only as smooth as the regular ones. I'd rather much buy the regular one and save $50 unless you want the 8:1:1 gear ratio. All in all, it's a pretty solid reel. NO complaints here

From: Mitch

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