Daiwa Tournament SS Spinning Reels

The Daiwa Tournament SS reels have been a mainstay of fresh and saltwater tournament anglers for over a decade. Few reels have earned such a solid reputation for performance and reliability as the Daiwa Tournament SS Series. The Tournament SS reels played key roles in two BassMaster Classic wins and is still the reel of choice for anglers that demand reliability and performance.

SS Tournament Features:

* Lifetime Bail Spring
* Precision worm gear levelwind evenly cross wraps line on spool
* Ultra-reliable roller bail trip mechanism
* Cut-proof SiC (Silicon Carbide) line roller
* Long Cast machined aluminum spool
* 3 stainless steel ball bearings
* Super-smooth drag, with oversized felt and stainless discs
* Precision click drag adjustment
* One Touch folding handle

Reel Specs
Bearings: 3BB
Line Cap: 4/145, 6/110, 8/75
Bearings: 3BB
Line Cap: 6/240, 8/165, 10/115
Bearings: 3BB
Line Cap: 10/210, 12/165, 14/135

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
SS1300 Right/Left 5.1:1 8.5 3SS 8/165, 10/115 In Stock: 3+ $104.99
SS1600 Right/Left 4.9:1 11.5 3SS 10/210, 12/165 In Stock: 3 $104.99

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  • Few reels have earned a reputation as solid as the Daiwa Tournament SS series. These reels have played key roles in two BassMaster Classic wins and continue to impress.
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I use spinning tackle exclusively for all of my bass fishing. This is the only model of spinning reel I use. It is an absolutely dependable spinning reel. It has been around for a while and I hope it is made by Dawa for a long time to come.

From: Keith: Oxford, AL3/3/15

Comments: There is a reason why these are still made, they are the best spinning reel out there for freshwater period! Best drag on any spinning I've ever used. Best casting distance of any spinning reel I've used. I'll never waste my money on any other overpriced hyped up spinning reel again. Sure some reels are smoother but they don't stay smooth, especially the ones made today. Who cares if it doesn't have instant anti reverse! I know some say these newer ss reel aren't as good as the old Japan made ones. I find the newer ones to actually be built better! I've sold all my spinning reels and gone back to these exclusively.

From: Adam: USA 8/18/14

Comments: I started using these reels 15 years ago after my Dad bought his.  Now i own 6 of them and I plan on buying more.  I've never had a single problem with them.

From: Brandan: California, USA

Comments: I have a 1300 and 1600. This is a solid reel but is very outdated and their are much better options this day in age. The reel has some wobble to it and has a little "play" in the handle. I bought the reel intending to use it for bass but I plan on using it as an ultralight in saltwater for schoolie stripers, bluefish, and fluke.

From: Justin: NY

Comments: I also used one of these in the eighties, was near top of the range back then. Durable, reliable, a pleasure to use, especially on the fish we call snapper here in New Zealand. My ex missus liked it so much that she stole it when she took off. I want another one (Daiwa Tournament, not missus).

From: Steve: Auckland, New Zealand

Comments: This reel is a throwback from the eighties.  There is spool wobble.  The external bail trip encourages the user to flip the bail manually.  There is no instant antireverse.  And yet I still own and use all three that I purchased over fifteen years ago.  

From: RWB: Knoxville, TN

Comments: I to Have had these reels for twenty years and it still works great and for the same price !!!!!!!!

From: Joe: West Palm Beach

Comments: I have three of these. The first one I bought in 1984, a SS1300. That real is as good today as it was the day I bought it. I have two 1600's as well. Simple, reliable and great looking.

From: Greg: Newmarket, NH

Comments: I have owned this reel for close to or longer than 20 years...I have to say it's sturdy and durable...Have used it to land some nice stripers and many other fish along the way...Only thing I wish it had was a spare spool...Other than that it's been a great reel!

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly

Comments: 20+ years with the same 1600. Reliable and sturdy

From: Shawn: SJ, CA

Comments: To me, it really last for a lifetime.

From: Gabriel: Malaysia

Comments: Great reel, especially for saltwater. Only problem is that it takes a whole tool kit just about to change reel handles, still one of my favorite reels.

From: Brooks: Orlando, FL

Comments: This is the best Spinning Reel made simple reliable.

From: Kevin: Alabama, USA

Comments: This reel is perfect. no dumb bells or whistles. just reliable and solid. truly bullet proof. thanks tackle warehouse for the great, awesome customer service. ill always buy from you.

From: Jordan: Rochester, MA

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