Damiki Air Frog

Damiki Air Frog

The Damiki Air Frog is the newest addition to the Damiki Air Series. It features two hollow air chambers on each side, almost like a pontoon boat. Because it doesn’t sink, you don’t always have to keep it moving like a traditional soft plastic frog either. This means you can pause it over holes in grass and twitch it slowly around structure. At the end of a cast or anytime it lands on its back, the air pockets also allow it to self-right itself and roll over into the proper position - every time. A hook-hiding belly slit keeps it from hanging up in the thickest slop cover as well, and also facilitates solid hook sets. The legs also churn up quite a disturbance in open water and holes in cover thanks to their pigeon-toed paddle feet. Finally a toad bait that floats like a hollow bodied frog, the Damiki Air Frog spends more time in the strike zone than any other soft plastic frog around.

Length Quantity
4" 4

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love frog fishing and had to give these a try. I was really impressed with the sound and action of them as well as the quality of bites that they generate.

From: Scott: Madison, MS 6/10/15

Comments: two things. first, cover the eyes with clear nail polish to keep the eyes from falling out so easy. secondly, the 6/0 owner beast hook is wrong for this frog. it is difficult to insert  into the frog and tears the frog after one fish or repeated cast with no strikes or hook-ups. i found that a 7/0 gammy worm hook works much better. the reason a 6/0 beast hook is recommended is because that hook is not sold in the 7/0 size it goes from 6/o to 8/0 which is too large. it's a good frog but not the best for your $$$! *** Update 11/2/15 *** on a earlier post, i said use clear nail polish to keep the eyes from falling out, after fishing this frog a lot more, i catch just as many bass with the eyes removed. think about it. the fish are hitting the frog due to the action and placement of the lure.

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: Great frog too buzz or twitch, got blown up on my first cast, it does get water logged, but if you push the air pockets the water comes right out! The only down fall is that they only last two or three fish

From: Ryan: CA 5/11/15

Comments: Anticipated this was going to be a great hybrid bait, to stop or swim it seemed like a great idea but first cast it is like pulling a big ball of plastic thru the water, I am avid frog fisherman and I was hugely disappointed with this lure, tossed the rest in the trash, worthless.

From: Martin: Carthage, TX 7/31/14

Comments: Frog has good action but, eventually gets water logged and sinks just like all other buzzing toad. Also noticed it does come through heavy vegetation as well as other toads.

From: Ntumelson: Lewiston, ID 7/13/14

Comments: They work great. Very 1st cast had a nice bass blow up on it. Only downfalls is the eyes pop out too easy and than it fills up with water and then it is almost useless.

From: Rodney: Rock Hill, SC 5/7/14

Comments: rig on a 6/0 owner unweighted beast hook. Pull through grass and skip under docks and catch bass. It rolls on its fort if not lands on its back. Fish with 65 labs braid. Make sure to rig under chin or it all run subsurface. Only buy pearl.

From: Ethan: Ontario, Canada

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