Damiki Air Pocket Worm 5" 10pk - $4.59

Excellent when used on a wacky rig with a nail sinker inserted in the head, the Damiki Air Pocket Worm looks like a real worm digging into the lake or river bottom. This is because a special air pocket provides added buoyancy in the tail, causing it to float up in the water. A glass rattle can also be inserted in the air pocket for a different presentation and the fish attracting sound necessary to garner attention from bass in muddy or stained water. Available in multiple colors, the Damiki Air Pocket Worm is made from Damiki's super soft plastic for an enticing action, and each bait is also loaded with scent for added fish attraction.

Length Quantity
5" 10

Comments: great on a shaky head.

From: Mark: NC

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Damiki Air Pocket Worm 5

6 Available Colors

  • Baby Bass
    Stock Price Qty
    3+ $4.59
  • Green Pumpkin Black
    Stock Price Qty
    Out $4.59
  • Original Green Pumpkin
    Stock Price Qty
    2 $4.59
  • Plum
    Stock Price Qty
    1 $4.59
  • Watermelon Black
    Stock Price Qty
    3 $4.59
  • Watermelon Red-Blk
    Stock Price Qty
    3+ $4.59

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