The Angel EX Casting Rods comprise the entry-level rod series from Damiki. A new brand in the bass fishing scene, Damiki is looking to fill the void for a quality 2-piece bass rod at a reasonable price. All of the rods in the Angel EX Casting Rod series are 2-piece and feature quality components, including SIC Guides and IPS/ECS reel seats. The spigot joint linking the two pieces together is made to fit precisely and transfer feeling from the tip to the handle, as well as, maintain optimum curvature when tension is present.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Customer Reviews

Comments: Brilliant rod for the price, have just taken a pending Australian record Aussie Bass on one matched to a Daiwa Lexa.

From: Steve: Brisbane Australia

Comments: Hi being so far away i was a little concerned about getting rods delivered un damaged Ive now had 2 seperate purchases with you. the service with tackle warehouse is 100% perfect, packaging is 2nd to none . The packaging is like nothing ive experienced anywhere else the rods are wicked and i cant wait to hit the water. cheers for the service

From: Clark: New Zealand

Comments: Very light, well balanced, sweet travel rod.  Haven't hooked into anything bigger than a 10" LM bass...but handled that size fish without any problem.  Even when they dove into the weeds I was able to get em out.  Stronger than it first appears...it's VERY light. If you are looking for a 2 piece you won't be disappointed with this one.  I even think I will bring it on the boat with me.

From: Dave: Mendon, VT

Comments: Purchase the C662MH.  Very light action for MH EF as this rod is described.  This rod compares to a Medium Light Power, Moderate Action rod by other rod manufacturers.  

From: Surffisher: California, USA

Comments: Good quality, but not sensitive enough. Even my st croix premier is way more sensitive than this. I am going back to st croix and g loomis.

From: Lurefishing: Colorado, USA

Comments:Not as sensitive as g.loomis, but sensitive enough for bass fishing. The finish is first class.


Comments:Great travel rod. I chose the medium heavy and glad I did. Very light, flexible to throw cranks yet has a lot of backbone to fish plastics/jigs and good ability for solid hooksets. Perfect to keep in the trunk for those 45-60 minutes of pond fishing I get occasionally.

From:Mark: Ashburn, VA

Comments:Just use this rod for the first time today. Feels great in my hands...very well balanced.

From:Joseph: Liverpool, NY

Comments:The rod is surprisingly light. Castability is so so. The built quality is very decent. I have the 50Mg on it - so light.

From:Johnathan: Pasadena, CA

Comments:Great travel rod for the price. Good sensitivity and looks great and its surprisingly light for a 2pc rod.

From:Gerard: New York, USA

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