A new brand in the bass fishing world, Damiki has already evoked quite a response with their beautifully crafted fishing rods. The entire series of Angel EX Spinning Rods are 2-piece and feature quality components, including SIC Guides and IPS/ECS Reel Seats. Billed as the entry-level series from Damiki, they were designed to fill the void for a quality 2-piece bass fishing rod at a reasonable price. The spigot joint linking the two pieces together is made to fit precisely, transferring feeling from the tip to the handle, as well as, maintaining optimum curvature when tension is present.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought the 6'6" ul and it's great. I can cast the smallest jig or popper and it'll handle smallmouths, lgemouths, panfish, and cats. Size doesn't matter as long as you take your time. The reel or the line will fail before the rod will.

From: Tim: Wilmington, IL

Comments: Great ultra light rod. Have owned several months and caught largemouth, smallmouth, walleyes, and catfish up to 6lbs. Great feel to this rod.

From: Tim: Wilmington, IL

Comments: Just started using the medium-light rod this spring(2011). I use it mainly for finesse fishing and for smaller in-line spinners and lures(1/4oz. and under). This is my second rod by Damiki and I am impressed with the product that they put out. Great 2 piece rod, for those of us that have limited space in our cars.

From: Joseph: Liverpool, NY

Comments: I have been using the ultra light for a year now, mostly for panfish put have caught smallmouth up to 5lbs and steelhead up to 8 lbs. For an UL it really has backbone for fighting bigger fish but a soft tip so you don't tear the lips from a crappies . I have not tryed it yet but, I think this rod would work great for stream fishing for smallmouth. It's the first 2 pcs rod I have bought in 20 years and will be ordering another.

From: Dale: Erie, PA

Comments: i agree! great for dropshotting and also good for finesse and perch fishing. Great casting ability for those light lures.

From: Dooly: Baar, Switzerland

Comments:Nice action for dropshot and shakyworm fishing,

From:Bob: Reseda, CA

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