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Damiki Buzz Shad 5pk - $5.99

MSRP: $5.99

The combination of the Damiki Buzz Shad's single-jointed paddle tail design and exclusive soft plastic formulation allow it to kick wildly - no matter what speed. Very versatile, it can attack the entire water column, and even works as a trailer behind a swim jig or vibration jig. Its larger profile is perfect for attracting bigger bites. Fish it over vegetation or open water, the Damiki Buzz Shad is available in a variety of tournament-tested colors, and each bait also features a slit at the top of the bait - allowing for easier rigging and faster hooksets.

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Comments: awesome bait!!!!

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Baby Bass
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Damiki Buzz Shad 5pk

3 Available Colors Sign up for Damiki Soft Baits news and updates.

  • Baby Bass
    Size Stock Price Qty
    5" $5.99
  • Pro Blue Silver
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" $5.99
    5" $5.99
  • White Silver
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" $5.99
    5" $5.99

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