The Damiki Dolphin's uniquely shaped body and internal weight system allow it to walk-the-dog easily, and its fine-tuned rattle chamber rings the dinner bell at the water's surface - generating additional bass-attracting sound. Featuring a durable body construction, complete with realistic detailing and finishes, including etched gill patterns and large, black 3D eyes, the Damiki Dolphin is available in several enticing colors for a variety of topwater bass fishing situations.

Damiki Length Weight Class
Dolphin 3-1/2" 2/5oz Floating

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this is by far the best topwater bait I've thrown the first day I used this I caught 16lb in 5 fish and won my tournament I highly recomend this bait

From: Chad: Waynesboro, TN

Comments: I've had a great deal of luck with this lure this year.  Very easy to walk.  In fact this year was the first year for me walking baits with a baitcaster, and this bait made it seem like I've been doing it for years.  Although, I have 2 complaints concerning this lure.  First, after roughly a month of use, it started taking in water in the tail of the bait.  Mind you, this bait never hit or slammed into any hard objects. Second, I got the lure snagged on a log in the water and the anchor on the bottom of the bait completely ripped out.  Not bashing Damiki, maybe mine was a dud.  But I will definitely give this lure another shot, and I would highly recommend it to anyone else looking into it.  I just think that I'll take a better look at it, before I walk out of the tackle shop next time.

From: Tho: Raleigh, NC

Comments: I took the dolphin fishing this morning and I was amazed at how the bass and stripe jumped all over it. The bait is small in size and casts a country mile. I changed the hooks before I left home. I added number 4 luickycraft hooks and they worked great. The bait worked better than another bait I throwed all day. The water was clear, and it glided across the top with little noise and the fish loved it. I could see the fish come up out of 15 feet of water and take it. I even caught a couple of crappie on it. I am going to order me a couple more of these baits because I see a purpose they could meet when the water is clear. Good bait, I highly recommend that you pick up a couple of these baits. You won't be disappointed.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

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