Damiki Finesse Miki 10pk

Damiki Finesse Miki  10pk

No matter how you fish it the Damiki Finesse Miki will catch fish. Designed for drop shotting the Damiki Finesse Miki has a tantalizing action that will make fish suck this bait in and not let go. The fat head potion gives way to the slender tail that quivers with lifelike action from the slightest line movement. The Finesse Miki also is a dynamic shakey head bait.

Length Quantity
4" 10 
5.5" 10 
6.5" 10 

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4 Colors

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    Model No. DFM-203-4
    Green Pumpkin Black
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 5+ $4.59
    5.5" 03/11 $5.49
    6.5" 03/11 $5.99
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    Model No. DFM-307-4
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 03/11 $4.59
    5.5" 5 $5.49
    6.5" 5+ $5.99
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    Model No. DFM-206-4
    Watermelon Candy
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 1 $4.59
    5.5" 5+ $5.49
    6.5" 03/11 $5.99
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    Model No. DFM-201-4
    Watermelon Red-Blk
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 03/11 $4.59
    5.5" 3 $5.49
    6.5" 03/11 $5.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The Cream White Miki is a Great Bed Fishing Bait! I use a 3/0 Straight Shank hooked weightless.

From: Rusty: TX

Comments: This bait is great. Anytime the bass are really pressured I reach for this bait in the 4" size. This produces on drop shot when nothing else does. I get bit on the first cast to a bed most times with this lure. Extremely finesse.

From: Nathan: Saginaw, MI

Comments:I got a pack of Damiki Finesse Miki in the 4" model oxblood and used it on a drop shot rig. I caught a limit of crappie and bream on them. The only problem was I was fishing for bass. I haven't caught a bass on this yet but they do catch fish. I will go with the 6" next time and see what happens.

From:Debeaux: Myrtle Beach, SC

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