Damiki Gladiator Spinnerbaits

Damiki Gladiator Spinnerbaits
Take a close look at the small profile of the Damiki Gladiator Spinnerbait. The detail that went into this bait gives the Gladiator optimal performance in the water with a natural baitfish look. The fine cut silicone skirt and bleeding image combination will trigger more bites even under high fishing pressure. The high quality components will ensure the Gladiator will run true straight out of the package and super sharp Damiki Viper hook will keep fish hooked up.

5 Colors

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    Model No. GLD-38-1114
    Chart Green Pumpkin
    Colorado Wil Slv/Gld
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8oz 4+
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    Model No. GLD-38-1113
    Col/Wil Gld/Sil
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8oz 4
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    Model No. GLD-38-GOLD
    Col/Wil Gld
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8oz 5
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    Model No. GLD-38-SIL
    Colorado Wil Slv/Slv
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8oz Out
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    Model No. GLD-38-WC
    White Chartreuse
    Col/Wil Gld/Sil
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8oz 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Good spinner bug ! I fish a tidal river and this lil guy catches 'em . I pump cypress and willow trees with this thing and get jarring strikes and it stands up to that pretty well. Get a few for your box especially in early spring when the bait is small.

From: Debeaux: Waccamaw River, SC.

Comments: Lure looks nice, however, did not look the same as the picture. Should have some Chartuse, but is all green and brown ( green pumkin ) not Chart Green Pumkin!!!

From: Jeff: Wilmington, DE

Comments: At this time of the year I spend lots of time using spinnerbaits around brushes and timber, obviously I need a very strong one to stand by me all day. Last weekend I had great fishing with this little spinnerbait (3/8 Chartreause). I loved how it perform and specificly the total weight with this small profile helped me cast farther than other spinnerbaits. I had a great experience so I recommend this product por intense fishing through brush and timber!!!

From: Hans: Mexico

Comments: I just got a couple of theese spinnerbaits, and the work really well. I was a lil worried after reading some of the reviews about how they would do, but i didnt have a single problem. The red trailor flikers around in the water and looks really good. I cought 10 fish on this bait the first outing i took it on and i am really impressed. This is a great compact spinnerbait.

From: Cody: GA

Comments: this is a pretty cool spinnerbait but the red strands (which are hand tied to the shaft of the hook) come off very easily ..  but overall a great finesse clear water spinnerbait.

From: Nicholas: San Jose, CA

Comments:I just purchased this Damiki Spinnerbait, and out the package it looks like a great spinner bait. I do have to say that it is one of the best looking spinnerbaits out there. BUT like the Lucky Craft spinnerbait, the skirts falls apart after catching a few fish. Another thing is that it tends to lay on it's side if you try to burn it over the weeds. ANOTHER =( thing is that head, it catchs tons of weeds cause of the round design. I have no complaints about the hook quality, very great hook. Over all stick with what you have had better success with!

From:Jose: Torrance, CA

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