Offering a compact profile and the versatility to function as both a crankbait and a jerkbait, the Damiki Hummingbird 70 has been known to attract some big fish. A great choice for clear water or when targeting pressured fish, it features a realistic minnow-shaped body and lifelike detailing. Fish it like a small jerk bait with a twitch and pause retrieve, or as a small minnow crankbait with a fast or slow retrieve, it suspends perfectly on the pause and generates lively deflections. Available in a range of colors, the Damiki Hummingbird 70 buzzes through the competition.

Damiki Length Weight Depth Class
Hummingbird 70 2.8" 2/7oz 4-6ft Suspending

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: After seeing these Hummingbirds from Damiki, I knew I wanted to test these out. I have been looking for a small jerk bait that dives to around 6-7 feet but no larger than 3 inches. I wanted a suspending bait for the finicky bass at some local ponds that are heavily pressured. As soon as these arrived, I knew I had hit pay dirt! At 2/7 oz, these are super light. I had concerns that I would have to run these on spinning gear due to the weight, but I was able to get good distance and no backlashes using a quality bait caster and a 7 foot medium rod with moderate action. I used a medium fast as well, but didn't get near the distance. I would highly recommend a moderate or parabolic action to throw these if you plan on using casting gear. You will need the slow action to let the rod load up. Give yourself 3 foot of line below the rod tip and you can send these way out there. Both of my medium fast and medium heavy extra fast spinning rods has no issues throwing this bait. Reels were both 2500's. I tested two colors. The Golden Ghost and the Root Beer. For this review I will be testing out the Golden Ghost color. The Hummingbirds come with size 6 hooks. I have an email into the company to see what brand they use. At the time of this review, I have not received a response yet. In my video follow up review, I will let you know if the company will reveal them. I will say that they are super sharp. Being they are a size 6 hook, I assumed they would be light wired hooks. They are not. Looks like standard hooks to me and they are very strong. The color scheme on this jerk bait is amazing. I really like to run jerk baits that have clear or smoke tinted bottoms. These Hummingbirds do! Bills are very tight, no runs or chips in the paint, and hook connection points are strong. These Hummingon birds come with red eyes as well. Between the eyes and colors, these look very life like. The technical's on these baits show them at 2.8 inches, suspending and depending on the website run from 4-7 feet. After testing them out, all the numbers were correct. These make for a great cranking bait too. I tested the Golden Ghost in my sink first to see it if would suspend. Both with cold and warm water. It did not. I ended up having to add one small split ring to the rear and it suspended very well. Nose down and took about 70 seconds to sink to the bottom of 12 inches of water! Same results at the lake. Water temp 47 degrees. I would say that's about as good of a suspending jerk bait as you could ask for. This was my first run of Damiki hard baits. I didn't know what to expect of them. After running them for a few days, I can say the quality is top notch! One draw back to these is of course the price. At 12 dollars, they run high. That said, most quality jerk baits run anywhere from 7-10 dollars so 12 doesn't see out of line. I would like to see more options for colors, but at 6 different colors, there should be one that can fit your body of water. Overall I can't say enough about these jerk baits. Quality, color and size fit my bill perfectly. Keep in mind, these are a very small jerk bait. This will defiantly not be my last baits from Damiki. They did their home work on these. If your looking for a smaller jerk bait for heavily pressured areas or finicky bass, these are the baits for you. Give them a shot, you won't be disappointed!

From: Richard: Oklahoma

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