Damiki Kaiser 2 Weedless Wacky Heads 3pk - $4.29

Equipped with a single wire weedguard, the Damiki Kaiser 2 Weedless Wacky Head now allows you to target fish in heavier cover. An ideal jighead for the wacky jighead presentation, it is designed to give any worm a tantalizing horizontal fall. When it’s at rest on the bottom, simply shake it on a semi-slack line to produce a natural lifelike action that bass can't resist. The Kaiser 2 Jig Head also features a flat eyelet and a light wire short shank wide gap hook for sure hook sets. The staring eye and wire weedguard are what separate the Damiki Kaiser 2 Weedless Wacky Head from the competition.

Black w/Black Eye
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Damiki Kaiser 2 Weedless Wacky Heads 3pk

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  • Black w/Black Eye
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    1/16 2/29 $4.29
    1/8 2/29 $4.29
  • Khaki w/Red Eye
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    1/8 2/29 $4.29

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Comments: This is a finesse style of fishing! 8lb is too heavy of line. 6lb and below is what you need to throw. Myself personally throw 5lb with a light action rod.

From: Jesse: Phx, AZ

Comments: these looked awesome to me so i bought a couple packs each of the khaki/black and khaki/red.  they work but the weed guard is a joke and the hooks are weak sauce as well.  using 8 lb fluorocarbon and my drag set somewhat loose, i've had smallies in the 1 lb range almost straighten out the hook.  you can almost straighten them out with your fingers, not even needing pliers.  if the hook was more stout, these would be way better.  i would not purchase these again.

From: Elijah: Seattle, WA

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