Featuring a longer bill to help it get down deeper, the Damiki Striker 90 Long Bill can dive to depths of up to 8 ft. The precisely designed lip angle also allows it to easily and quickly get down into to the strike zone. A perfect bait for spring-time fishing in and around the spawn, the Long Bill Striker 90 features realistic and refined detailing, including etched gill and scale patterns and large, black 3D eyes for added authenticity. Also featuring a built-in weight transfer system, this greatly extends casting distance and allows the bait to maintain its balance and suspend perfectly on the pause. Available in a variety of effective colors, the Damiki Striker Long Bill delivers the enticing twitching, rattling and wobbling action you want from a premium jerkbait.

Damiki Length Weight Class Depth
Striker 90 - Long Bill 3-1/2" 1/2oz Suspending 6-8ft

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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