The Damiki Pen II features a ribbed body, which tapers down as you move toward its bulbous tail. Its signature body design, combined with its super soft plastic formulation, causes the tail come alive with the slightest movement or current. Influenced by the original Pen worm, which was a staple for years in Korea and Japan, the Damiki Pen II is a deadly drop shot bait that also works extremely well on a variety of finesse rigs.

Length Quantity
4" 12

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Good search bait on the dropshot.  Anything swimming will hit this when nothing else is working.  Great action in the water.  Downside is that tail is extremely fragile and tears off easy.  I went through a whole pack, and lost 7 baits to ripped tails without catching a fish.  The other 5 I caught fish on, but 3 had ripped tails.  One tail even popped off after a hard cast (had this issue with the Damiki air craws too, where a claw would pop off on a hard cast).  I plan on using Mend-It to fuse two tail-less bodies together into a new bait.  I'll use these as search baits then switch to something more durable.

From: Sonny: Northern California

Comments: The worm doesn't  float, works great on a small jighead as a swimbait but as a dropshot, not so much.

From: Matt: Raleigh, NC

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