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Offering a bigger profile and additional heft, the Damiki Tremor 80 Lipless Crankbait casts a mile and gets down to depth quickly. It still looks like a dying shad on the fall, while also providing a larger target for hungry bass to hone in on. Perfect for ripping through grass and generating reaction strikes, the Damiki Tremor 80 Lipless Crankbait is also specially weighted and balanced to stand (not tip over) on the bottom - ready to be ripped again. Available in both a rattling version for added fish attraction, as well as, a silent version for tough, clear water conditions, the Damiki Tremor 80 Lipless Crankbait does everything you want a lipless crank to do - and looks great while doing it.

Damiki Length Weight
Tremor 80 3.15" 1oz

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Comments: This is the finest lipless crankbait I've ever thrown.  It rests upright on the bottom EVERY time.  It falls vertically and swims/wiggles as it falls.  This is an extremely good bait and well worth the $10.

From: Captain: Florida, USA

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