Damiki Viper Wacky Hook 8pk

Damiki Viper Wacky Hook 8pk
The Damiki Viper Wacky Hooks are tournament grade needlepoint hooks. The Wacky Hook consists of the basic wide gap hook design with extra sharpness. The needlepoint hook tip points out ever so slightly, which makes it easy to set even on the subtlest bites. Damiki is a popular Korean fishing brand now offering its premium products in North America.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I adore these hooks. They stick. often its a struggle to unhook the fish without pliers. The light wire, sharp point and pronounced barb seem to get them and hold them every time. After trying tons of alternatives I've settled on this as my go-to hook.

From: Brian: Oak Forest, IL 12/26/14

Comments: Always loved Damiki's products until i used these hooks, first fish i caught on one bent the hook, so i tied on another and the second fish i caught bent that hook as well, both fish were under 2 pounds so neither of those hooks should have bent, maybe i just got a bad pack

From: Matt: NY

Comments: Best wacky rig hooks without a doubt. If you have a bass biting one and don't now it, you will still have a good chance of hooking up. Strong, thin wire, and very sharp. Great hooks

From: Bob: CO

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