Damiki Vortex 75

Damiki Vortex 75

With the ability to get down deep quickly, the Damiki Vortex 75 works wonders around suspended fish with its extra-strong vibrations and detailed baitfish profile. Built with multiple line-tie points, the Damiki Vortex 75 allows anglers to adjust the lures running depth and action, depending on the desired effect. During cold winter months, the Damiki Vortex 75 is perfect for jigging up and down in the water column through schools of baitfish. This technique perfectly imitates a distressed baitfish while generating a great deal of flash and vibration. A time-tested technique for a wide range of species, the Damiki Vortex 75 gets down deep and gets down to business.

Damiki Length Weight
Vortex 75 3" 3/4oz

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

6 Colors

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