This revolutionary line from Damiki is a super strong yet an extremely smooth easy handling fishing line. Damiki Zool Polyamide is fluorocarbon coated making it a great line for finesse applications. Damiki Zool has minimal memory making it an ideal choice for spinning reels.

Line Diameter 5lb 6lb 8lb
Millemeters .185 .205 .235
Inches .007 .008 .009

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great casting line and very supple. Beware though as this line is not very abrasion resistant. If fishing for spots the line can break very easy if the lure is all the way in the mouth. It needs to be retied after every fish caught and pretty often because it really is not abrasion resistant. But it does feel like butter coming off the reel.

From: Meat Wad

Comments: I've tried many lines for my spinning reels and this is by far the best I've ever used just by ease of use alone..I love fishing period not a fake review u having trouble with your line on your spinning reel, here's your answer. It Has the same qualities as a high end fluorocarbon and made for a spinning reel in my opinion.

From: Derrick: KY

Comments: Great line for finesse applications! My spinning reels love it!

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