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The Danielson Landing Net features a large PVC-coated, tangle-free basket to help you land that winning fish, and it also resists hook snags to get you back fishing as soon as possible. Its convenient, folding, black anodized aluminum handle opens quickly and stores easily, and a non-slip foam grip ensures your prized catch doesn't slip away with your net. Lightweight and durable, the Danielson Landing Net is an excellent space saving solution - at a great price.

Handle: 22"
Hoop: 16" x 22"
Net Depth: 14"

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a really good net for the sale price. Netted a 6lb fish with it already and it handled well. Make sure you put a lock washer on the nut that holds the net to the handle because it will fall off.

From: Bass Junky: AR 8/28/14

Comments: This net is worth the money. I have had nets that cost twice the price and they worked no better. The shorter handle is perfect on my kayak for bass, trout, walleye and even for rockfish. I ended up zip tying the handle open with about half a dozen ties. I put a piece of a pool noodle around the handle so it floats if I drop it. The net material is real nice on those trout.

From: Ray: Kirkland, WA 8/19/14

Comments: Bought this net to replace a cheap nylon net that I've had for I forget how long.  I fish out of a kayak and was looking for something smaller.  This was not it.  My entire old net, handle and all, fits inside the loop on this net.  It dwarfs 12" crappie and provides plenty of room for 3lbs bass and dinosaur pickerel to swim around in circles without actually realizing they've been netted.  On the plus side, the folding handle and some creative bungee cord on my crate stores fairly easily.  The rubber net repels hooks and is gentle on fish.  Feels solid landing fish with the handle locked out.  No regrets picking it up at the clearance price.

From: Adam: NC 4/7/14

Comments: Nice net for the money.  Good if you fish from a smaller boat and need space.  Dipped Nylon prevents hooks from becoming tangled.  Not a tournament net but perfect for fun fishing.  Just make sure the screw/nut attatching the handle is tight.  Great buy.

From: Eric: Northridge, CA

Comments: This is the cheapest net I have ever seen. I just got it and am amazed at how week the handle to hoop connection is. No wonder its on clearance. Dont Buy this net.

From: Mike: FL

Comments: Just got this net, have not used it. If you are a club guy or have space issues, this is a great looking net. Handle folds making storage easy, net is coated, with flat bottom. I would say that if you are hard core, fish lots of tournaments, you probably want something a little more heavy duty, long term the handle pivot might be a concern. For $15 on sale it was a steal.

From: Rob: Langhorne, PA

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