Rig your favorite plastic baitfish, shad, crawdad or grub, etc. The Davis Baits Aaron Martens Swim Jig works on ALL species of gamefish!

The Davis Baits Aaron Martens Swim Jig is easy to fish, practically snag-free. For professional use, or the weekend angler.

Aaron Martens has been customizing available lures and producing some of his own since he was a teenager. He has seen room for improvement in some lures which are currently on the market, which is the sole reason he decided to enter into the tackle business. His goal is to not only produce American made, quality lures for himself, but for other anglers as well.

The short bill style allows the bait to be worked fast, burned over shallow structure or flats, without washing out. The medium bill can be worked at a range of speeds. The long bill can be fished deeper, and at slower speeds than the medium or short bill without sacrificing action.

Aaron Martens Swim Jig Tip: To get better swimming action from your Swim Jig, take a pair of scissors to the body of the Tiny Fluke or Fluke and round out the edges along the back of the bait. This will make the lure swim better and move more naturally.

-Aaron Martens

Aaron Martens Swim Jig Video

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Customer Reviews

Comments: bite was super tuff today and the 1/8 made the bites happen for me. I used a lunker hunt yellow minnow and the action was awesome,  really liked it.

From: Dre: USA

Comments: Got a pack and both fell apart before I could even fish them.

From: Pete: VA

Comments: I have used these before and they have great action. My problem with this product is it's quality. On my last order, one of the bills were ripped and it was laying in the package. With the price of these so low, it wasn't worth the time and trouble to try and exchange it. I just will not purchase any more of them.

From: Dave: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: When I received this bait one of the plastic bills was missing. TW very quickly sent another package. When I received that package one of the bills was ripped and loose in the package.  I have not used the bait yet but have very little confidence in the quality of this product.

From: KH: MA

Comments: Overall, I'd give this bait an "average" rating.  It's true, these heads give various soft plastics great action.  However, several of the swim jig heads that I purchased had bills that had torn and separated from the jig head while still in the original packaging!  Needless to say, I'm not too impressed with the quality control.  You also have to re-position the bill quite frequently if bumping into any cover on the retrieve.  Would be more useful and less frustrating if the bill didn't rotate as easily on the jig head.  The hook could use an "upgrade" as well.

From: Steven: Santa Maria, CA

Comments: Awesome bait. I mostly use the 1/4oz reg bill version. I fish it out on the Potomac river; fish it  where there is submerged grass and fish it as I would have a chatterbait back in the spring but with clearer water.  I like putting a 3" hollow belly swimbait on it. others use a fluke but whatever  builds up your confidence.  

From: George: Dumfries, VA

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