The Decoy Worm Holder Spring Type is a quick and easy way to reinforce wacky-rigged plastics for increased holding power and better hook sets. To use the Decoy Worm Holder Spring Type just rig your bait as you normally would, then run the open end of the spring over the point of your hook. Once the spring comes into contact with the bait, then begin screwing it until it comes through the other side of the plastic. Clip the remainder of the Decoy Worm Holder Spring Type, and you’re done. Quick and effective, the Decoy Worm Holder Spring Type is an easy way to keep baits on longer and create stronger hook sets.  

Decoy is a small Japanese company based out of the city of Nishiwaki. They are dedicated to providing anglers with the highest-quality fishing tackle for the most cutting-edge techniques on either side of the Pacific. All Decoy products are backed by a strict quality control and made with an unwavering commitment to excellence that makes them ready to catch right out of the package. 

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