Denali Jadewood J2 Series Casting Rods


Professional-grade sticks that provide the same sensitivity, commitment to quality and bang for their buck as their predecessors, the Denali Jadewood J2 Series Casting Rods have been completely reworked to deliver improved comfort, styling and fishability. Lighter and more stylish as well thanks to new cutting-edge minimalist features, the same, quality IM7 blanks as the originals are available in a variety or technique-specific actions designed to cover every need of the tournament angler.

New contoured split grip handles and double trigger casting reel seats provide improved comfort, and combined with redesigned, stabilized hardwood foregrips provide improved feel. Also equipped with high quality ring lock guides for maximum durability, the Denali Jadewood J2 Series Casting Rods are even backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

-Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Denali Jadewood J2 Series Casting Rod 7'11" XH Rig


Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 15-30lb 5/16-3oz 9+Tip J2 Cast D 17" Sold Out $99.99
J2 Cast D

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The Denali Jadewood J2 Series 7' Medium "Crankbait" rod is excellent for spinnerbaits, typically 1/2 oz War Eagles when the wind comes up, or we just need to cover some water. My fishing buddy has the same rod and uses 12 lb copolymer, vs. 40 lb braid for me. I get that "electric shock" feel when a fish strikes. It's amazing!  Zero complaints.  

From: Steve: WA 1/13/17

Comments: I bought this rod because it was affordable at the time & I will say it was definitely worth the buy. This rod is super versatile, durable & it's better than the St. Croixs i've owned. I recommend the Jig and Worm.

From: Cameron: Orlando, FL 9/15/16

Comments: I got this rod last Christmas & have had a decent amount of time for it to prove itself. I live in MN so in the spring, crank baits are a must & I got the 7' M for cranking. I have never fished a rod this great in the price range. You can feel a bite from 8 miles away & can launch a square bill or jerkbaits to Mars. Think about getting yourself one & I'm sure you won't be questioning your purchase. Hope this helps, Tight Lines!

From: Jesse: MN 5/30/16

Comments: Got this on sale, fishes really well. I can't quite place it but it just feels really good in my hand and super good all around fishing pole. The mh was a tad light, more a chatter/spinner bait even top water and crank bait rod more than a jig rod but still absolutely great rod for the money, I would buy another one. Like the tad longer handle too, 15' handle will save lots of slip outs & big fish.


Comments: Attention Reader. Stop looking for a rod. It ends right here. This rod is incredible! I own the 7'0" M cranking rod and let me tell you it works wonders. Super light and well balanced. The feel is just so natural and light you can throw it all day and not feel fatigued at all. I will only be purchasing Denali rods from here on out. You won't be disappointed.

From: Ryan: Camp Pendleton, CA 3/18/16

Comments: This is my favorite rod, I have 1 7ft med hvy with my lews laser with 50 lb braid & use it for frogging, it does wonders, more hook sets than with a heavy or xtra hvy rod!

From: Koltin: USA 8/20/15

Comments: Just picked up a J2 6'8" MH worm/jig rod from TW last week. Arrived across the country in a few days in great shape thanks to the heavy duty rod tubes the Cali boys ship their sticks in (thank you TW!). No BS- this is an awesome rod for the money. Reminds me of the older Kister Magnesium series, but the Denali is hands down a better rod. Fit, finish and action are nothing short of superb. I've never bought in to the "all purpose" rod thing, primarily because I never found a rod that could do more than one or two things decently. But this rod changed my mind. It can handle tubes, jigs, worms, spinner baits and chatter baits with ease. The tip loads easy enough to handle weightless Senkos, too. I've already caught several 3lb bass on the rod, and it handled the fish easily, with a powerful backbone. It's pretty light, and the handle is very comfortable. Sensitivity is very good, too. This is one rod series you MUST try if you're a rod whore like is well worth the money to pick up something that will be a "go to" rod when you want to toss some plastic at Mr. Mossyback. There will be a few more Denali rods in my lineup shortly, too.

From: John: Jefferson, NJ 7/24/15

Comments: I have the 7 foot med hvy worm and jig rod and really liked it until it it snapped in half on me about 4 guides down. The fish was only about 3 pounds and I was only using 15 pound fluoro that didn't even snap so hopefully I just got a bad one out of the bunch. will be sending back to denali hopefully it will be replaced its not even a year old.

From: Darrin: Springfield, VA 7/13/15

Comments: This company has excellent customer service. Denali is one of the best out there, great rods are made for what they say they are with very good feel in your hand and great sensitivity so you can feel what you are fishing or bouncing off of the bottom. Strong 10 for this company in my book and very highly recommended.

From: Harlan: Dinwiddie, VA 3/25/15

Comments: I have a few of these rods that i use for tournament fishing on the Clemson Bass Fishing Team. These rods take a beating and hold up great. Definitely worth 99$, they won't let you down. Not as sensitive or light as a 200+$ rod but they make up for it with their reliability. I have stepped on them and thrown them all around the boat and the guides are still strait as the day they arrived. They have perfect actions and are offered at a price a tournament angler can afford.

From: Dean: Clemson, SC 2/5/15

Comments: By far the best rod on the market. I have been using the Denali's for a little over three years now. All series of Denali's are extremely well built and virtually in destructable but still offer the best sensitivity on the market. The price point for the quality is second to none. This is a must have tool in my boat!

From: Thomas: Chattanooga, TN 11/26/14

Comments: All I can say is WOW! This rod performs like no there I have used for the price. It is well made and looks and acts great. Super light! Caught plenty of fish that day. I was so impressed that I went out and purchased 3 for myself.

From: Kandie: Canyon Lake, TX 11/5/14

Comments: I have the 7' 6" xh flippin jadewood and love it. I have caught tons of bass and a handful of pike on and it has held up great. I really like the fact that it has a nice tip to it and that allows you to have plenty of sensitivity and it has tons of backbone to get the fish out of cover. Good job Denali on this affordable, quality rod. 10/10

From: Leo: Burlington, VT 10/25/14

Comments: I have been using Denali rods for 3 yeas now. I started with the original Jadewood series rods and was immediately impressed with the quality and performance of the rod. The construction and materials are some of the best on the planet. All this combines to give the angler a tool they can have confidence in when the make the cast. The J2 series improves on all these qualities and the angler the touch, feel and strength to pull the trophy of a lifetime out of the nastiest cover or from the depths or shallows. The conditions do no matter Denali is not only up to the task but exceeds all expectations. If you are thinking of a new rod I strongly recommend Denali!

From: Bruce: Channelview, TN 9/23/14

Comments: I have used the Jadewood Series since the beginning, now they have the J2 series, super light and very strong, didnt think they could out due them selves, but they did !!

From: Eric: Lakeland, FL 9/11/14

Comments: For $99 there probably isn't a better rod out there right now. Denali are a small manufacturer that actually cares enough to pay attention to every detail. You won't get a rod that has the spline off center or has drips of glue hardened or any of the common defects you get with the mass produced manufacturers.  If you are a tournament fisherman that can't afford $200+ for your rods because you need to have ten to twelve of them this is absolutely the best rod you will find for the money.

From: Tom: PA 9/6/14

Comments: I won one of the J2 series rods at a tournament a couple months ago. I was very impressed with the J2 series rod. I liked the fact that the rod is light and has great sensitivity. I have since then been swapping out all of my rods to the Denali brand. J2 series is a great buy for the $ you will be impressed.

From: Doug: USA 8/27/14

Comments: These rods are hands down the best in the business. The sensitivity of the rod tip along with a awesome back bone for the rod are just hands down awesome. Handles are smooth and the eyes on the rods are awesome. Trust me, you will be super happy with these rods!

From: Jay: MN 8/24/14

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