Combining old world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technologies, the Denali Jadewood Casting Rod Series delivers exceptional performance and sensitivity at a highly competitive price point. Featuring lightweight and powerful IM7 graphite blanks, each rod also comes equipped with exotic Jadewood Foregrips - the trademark style of Denali Rods and the namesake of the Series. In addition to contributing to the aesthetics of each rod, the Jadewood foregrips actually aid in sensitivity transfer and also help balance out each rod.  

A traditional graphite reel seat firmly secures for your reel, and premium ring lock guides, complete with super hard inserts, offer excellent corrosion resistance and the strength to withstand braided lines.  In addition, a Split Grip Handle configuration further reduces weight, while ergonomic EVA Foam Grips deliver all-day comfort and round out the quality features.  Available in several technique specific models, the Denali Jadewood Casting Rods are a great choice for serious anglers who want high performance rods at a reasonable price.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have several of the Jadewood series and Rosewood Series. They are all great rods and the hardwood foregrip does a great job of transmitting. If your aren't sure of which one to get, and you should get one, go with the 7'0" med/hvy for multipurpose fishing. You wont be sorry and maybe not important to everyone, but i care about looks; they feel and look great.

From: Eric: Colorado Spring, CO 3/26/14

Comments: This is the best rod made under $150 I never submit reviews but this rod is just worth it. Strong and still sensitive and made so well. I've got every brand out there and this tops them all no joke.

From: Sam: TN 2/27/14

Comments: This is a great solid entry level rod for beginners and verterans alike. This series of rods outperforms other $100 rods that I have owned in the past. Cant go wrong with the 7' Hvy fishing a jig around docks!

From: Andrew: SC

Comments: The 7' medium crankbait rod is and excellent rod for throwing shallow cranks on the delta nice and lightweight and very sensitive makes you feel the slightest bump.

From: Lucas: Auburn CA

Comments: The Jadewood 7' jig and worm rod is awesome for jigs, senkos and fishing the big worm deep. The Jadewoods' are the entry level rod in the Denali lineup but they perform at a much higher level. I am on the pro staff and I own 7 of these rods so far and I cant wait for my Koverts.

From: Ross: Oxnard, CA

Comments: I am very impressed with the Jadewood 6'6" custom top water rod, it has just the right amount of backbone, and just a soft enough tip that allows you to pause before setting the hook. This allows for a higher hookup percentage. My top water fishing has already greatly improved since using this rod.

From: Ross: U.S.A.

Comments: If you are looking for "that" rod you have found it. Whether you're a tournament fisherman or a weekend pond fisherman they have a rod to fit your needs. I have replaced ALL rods with Denali since my first purchase, I personally have 3 "top name brand" rods that are in the corner of the garage collecting dust. If you're leary try the Jadewood out first, but it won't be long before you are purchasing a Rosewood series. An excellent Rosewood to begin with is the spinnerbait rod, talk about sensitivity and hook up ratio.. These rods are worth their weight in gold and the customer service is second to none. Scott and Mike really have something good going on.

From: Keenan: IN

Comments: I have 7 Denali rods. One jadewood and a signature series. All of these rods perform excellently. I'm on their pro staff but no matter if I was or wasn't I would still buy their rods. I had one before and fell in love with it. The 7' medium heavy crankbait is the bester cranker out there.

From: William: gaffney,sc

Comments: I have 8 of these rods. You will not be disappointed. And the polished Jadewood gives them a touch of class, they are very stylish. The quality outweighs the price all day. Which is hard to find these days. Handle grip comes down couple inchers further on the blank, more than most other rods. Great for guys with big hands. Just cant say enough.

From: Kirk: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: I own 3 of these rods. I bought the 6'6" for jerkbaits and it is great. I also have the A rig/flippin rod and it again for a large rod is very light and sensitive. This is a great company and they stand behind there products.

From: Justin: MO

Comments: Here is my first official report on the Denali J843CB. I Fished The Eagle Mountain Open local tournament and did not put the rod down all day. Fish were biting the Crank bait so what better rod. The performance was awesome and the hook sets did what they where supposed to. Here are a couple pics of 3 of my biggest fish of my 12.3lb sack. the winning sack was 20.3 and second place was 15 even.

From: Shayne: Saginaw, TX

Comments: Amazing rods for the money.  The quality can't be touched for the money.  They are extremely light,durable, and balance out perfect.  Tackle Warehouse doesn't carry all the models, but for $100 Denali has every rod for every technique needed.  The 7'11" Alabama Rig rod is the real deal!

From: Steven: AL

Comments: I have used just about every brand of rod but the Denali rods are the best.I have Jadewood and Rosewood rods.I'm on their Pro Staff but even if I were not I would still use them.They are light, balanced and the action of each rod is perfect for the application it was design for.Mike and Scott are very friendly and if you have any questions they are there to help you.Great guys.

From: Erick: Richmond, VA

Comments: I just got 4 Denali Rods in the mail and I have to say they are awesome. The craftsmanship is one of a kind, I have used all different kinds of rods ranging for $25.00 to $200.00 and these rods are the best. I plan on being a lifetime cusotmer for Denali Rods and these will be the only rods I use from now on. If you want a great looking sensitive rod at a great price buy Denali.

From: Adam: Napoleon, Ohio

Comments: I am a member of the Denali pro staff but even if I wasn't I would still be fishing these rods. Can't say enough about these rods and their power and toughness while still being incredibly sensitive. Plus, they look awesome. Mike and Scott. You guys rock. Denali for life.

From: Ty: MN

Comments: I own about 5 jadewoods and 4 rosewoods.  The they handle and perform in above and beyond.  Thank you Mike and Scott.  Go Denali or go home.

From: Loren: Alpharetta, GA

Comments: I've been using my Jadewood to skip docks for the last several weeks and having a ball shooting a Senko under them. I don't know if the wood on the handle makes a difference on how it works but it makes them look really cool. The rods have been working GREAT!!

From: Jordan: IN

Comments: Probably never looking back.

From: Aeolian

Comments:  Best rod for the money period.

From: Bob: FL

Comments:  I have yet to fish a Jadewood but I have the Noirwood finesse and Several of the Rosewood you will absoulutely love these rods.

From: Arick: Westwood, CA

Comments: If you are on a budget and need a good rod you might want to check out this one.  I got it about a year ago and has been really good, it is balanced evenly, and has the same performance as some of the higher priced rods that go for 150+. i recommend this rod to any angler out there!!

Comments: I have the 7 6 flipping rod , would be a great deal at twice the price. very versitile rod

From: Ryan: Knoxville, TN

Comments: The best rod out there for the price! I have the 7'6" xtra heavy which is sensitive and very strong. Can punch the thickest grass mats or throw the Alabama Rig with this rod. There customer service is top notch too!

From: Mike: IL

Comments: These are great rods. Great balance and feel and handles the fight of fish really well. I have one ofthe jadewood spinning rods. Will definitely be purchasing more Jadewood and some Rosewood rods in the near future.

From: Adam: SC

Comments: This rod is great!!! way worth the price tag. super light, sensative, affordable. I will never buy another rod again but a Denali. Also the customer service of the company itself is great.

From: Dudley: Valdosta, GA

Comments: The balance of these rods are unbelievable. Definitely worth double its price value. I would recommend these rods to any vivid angler whether they are on a budget or not. Thanks Denali for the awesome rods

From: Josh: SC

Comments: These rods, for their price, are top of the line for quality and craftsmanship. From the action to the sensitivity, the jadewood lineup is perfect for any style of fishing. If you are looking at buying one of these rods, don't even hesitate, if you get one you will not be disappointed. 

From: Kyler: WI

Comments: I bought the 7' medium cranking rod and it works great for throwing jerkbaits and small cranks.  This rod looks good, feels good, and casts great.  Nice whippy action to fling the lighter jerkbaits out there.  I will be buying more 

From: Andy: Farmington, MN

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