The Denali Rosewood Series Casting Rods blend old world craftsmanship and styling with advanced technologies and performance.  In addition to providing aesthetic appeal, the exotic Rosewood Foregrips actually help facilitate sensitivity transfer and also provide ideal balancing for each rod.   

Lightweight, high-modulus IM8+ graphite blanks ensure excellent sensitivity and strength, and premium Ringlock Guides provide maximum durability. The recessed Ringlock system with total ring encapsulation actually offers a larger glue reservoir to help prevent ring loss, and the ring lock guides are also tough enough to stand up to braided lines. Reducing weight even further, a Split Grip Handle configuration and High-Grade Cork Grips combine to furnish all day comfort, while a traditional graphite reel seat firmly secures your reel. Available in several technique-specific models, the Denali Rosewood Series Casting Rods deliver solid performance at a sensible price.

Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought a Rosewood from a local tackle shop, seemed like a very nice rod. I didn't know it at the time of purchase, but they are made in China. I promptly returned and went with the St. Croix Avid. I try to go with American made whenever possible.

From: Bob: St. Paul, MN 5/22/15

Comments: Picked up a new R843WJ 7' Worm & Jig rod. Love it! Light and balanced. Great backbone and sensitivity.  The rod loads up great, casts well with great accuracy &I can feel everything my bait is doing whether dragging grass, gravel or structure. Quickly replaced my Crucial CRC72MH as my go to worm and plastics rod. 

From: Jim: Bradenton, FL 5/18/15

Comments: I bought my first Denali rod last week and after this weekends fishing trip, I'll be slowly replacing all my other brands with Denali. Really great quality. 

From: Jeremy: Hewitt, TX 2/22/15

Comments: Unbelieveable casting & feel with this rod hands down! extra distance and craftsmanship, superb. Great rod!

From: Loren: Alpharetta, GA 1/19/15

Comments: frog rod is awesome! one the best rods out there for throwing gunfish 115-135 as well as frogs nice tip with wicked good backbone.

From: Richard: Graniteville, SC 5/22/14

Comments: Dynomite!!! just ordered me one of these rosewoods, hope you all are right with your reviews cus im ready for a good rod.

From: Billy: Austin, TX 3/29/14

Comments: These rods have it all. Quality build and components, sensitivity, featherlight, power, and technique specific actions that are on point. Finally had a chance to fish these recently and I was blown away. Can't beat the Rosewood series for the money. If your going to give them a try I recommend the 6'10" spinnerbait rod it's also fantastic for squarebills and other cranks.  

From: Matt: Niagara, Canada

Comments: The Rosewood Series is a super rod for the money.  It has a great feel and is very sensitive.  I will have many more of these rods in the near future.

From: Chris: MN

Comments: I cannot say enough about a Denali Rod. No matter what technique, they have the perfect rod and for the money, they simply cannot be beat! Customer service is the best!

From: Derrick: Owensville, MO

Comments: I had a fishing tournament this weekend and this rod held up great. I was running this rod with 14lb mono running a KVD 6XD deep diver and this rod handled it like a champ. I was able to land a 5 fish limit weighing in at 26.5 lbs and the largest fish caught was 8.31 lbs and had more than enough backbone to get her in the boat.

From: Shayne: Saginaw, TX

Comments:  Not only are these rods beautiful, they are high quality, extremely sensitive, ultra-light, and they have the power needed when the hookset depends on it. Easily worth the price. Do not waste your money on other rods!!! The Heavy Jig and Worm is my Go-to and I catch fish on those lite bites, that I used to miss with other brands. I could not be happier!!!

From: Nicholas: Waupaca, WI

Comments: quality is the best word to descibe this rod I own 3 now and will only buy denali rosewoods from now on.

From: Bob: FL

Comments: I own four of these rods and it was money well spent. Great feel, light not to mention they look great.

From: Jim: Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Comments: Quality is how I would describe this rod. I have the 7' m/h worm/jig rod, very light, sensitive and powerful! Also they use the same guides on this series of rods as they do on the Noirwood Series, which is a huge plus!

From: Mike: IL

Comments: Used the new rods on Saturday on Lake Lanier.  Easily handled spotted bass with great back bone and feel.  Excellent for the money.

From: Loren: Alpharetta, GA

Comments: These are great rods and will definitely buy some more in near future.

From: Adam: SC

Comments: Great rod!!!! Great sizes and actions. extreme sensativity, lightweight, craftsmanship, and customer service. I found these rods at a tournament and called the owner. He hooked me up and have been using them ever since. Thanks Denali

From: Dudley: Valdosta, GA

Comments: Amazing rod for a great price. Definetly getting more of these as well as the Rosewood series.

From: Taylor: AL

Comments: Nothing bad to say about any of these rods. I own 4 of them and every single one performs like a professional grade rod. Incredible strength and sensitivity matched with superior craftsmanship. Buy a couple to see for your self

From: Kyle: Virginia

Comments: I own a couple of these.  I knew they were great rods as soon as I took them out of the shipping tube.  High quality craftsmanship, light weight, extremely sensitive, all at a great price.  The rod actions and tapers are right on the money.  You will get a professional tournament grade rod if you purchase these.  I will certainly get some more as soon as finances allow!  I am saying this after owning several G. Loomis, Powell, All Star, Fenwick, St. Croix, Shimano, Daiwa, etc... Basically, I have had a lot to compare to when I make this review.

From: Hale: Middle, TN

Comments: Super rods, and very top notch customer service. if you ever have a problem the owner is very easy to work with. I have 6 of these rods now and love every one of them. Super light and sensitive. New rods to the market that i think will be a major competitor in the years to come

From: Chris: Southeast Texas

Comments: I too have been using these rods (rose wood crankbait both med and mh) for about a year and a half and as stated above are light sensitive great rods. There wasn't a dealer in my area so I dealt directly with Denali and was very satisfied.  Glad to see them at TW.

From: Tony: Centre, AL

Comments: I have been using the rosewood series rods for about a year now. They are very sensitive and have held up well I would recommend them to anyone.  

From: Brian: Smyrna, GA

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