In our search for the best bass fishing tackle in the world we see and reject lots of new lures because the baits are just not effective or the quality is not what we'd buy and use ourselves. The high quality of these Deps lures first attracted our attention and we were even more impressed with how well they caught fish.

The Deps Bone Series Buzzjet Jr. is made from a natural ABS plastic. The ABS plastic makes the Bones Series baits louder and lighter, allowing you to work the bait at slower speeds.

The Deps Buzzjet Jr. is a whole new concept in topwater lures, combining features from some of the hottest lures on the market today. Buzzjet offers a great walk-the-dog action with plenty of noise from the loud multiple rattle and plenty of splash from the bait itself and from the tail prop. Need a shallow running crankbait? Buzzjet will bulge and wake with the best of them. Rip it and the prop will drag a trail of bubbles underwater and the sliding weight system will shift and the bait will dart for the surface head first, just like a fleeing baitfish. Deadstick the Buzzjet with occasional twitches and darts to tantalize wary fish until they can't stand it anymore and HAVE to smash the bait. How ever you choose to use the Buzzjet you will have one of the most versatile hardbaits on the market today.

Deps Cranking Depth Length Weight
Buzzjet Jr. 0-4in. 3" 1/2oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome post spawn bait! What I've found is it more effective on a straight retrieve with a good wind blowing. On long cast, rod tip up and then down when it get's closer. A lot of missed fish but it's a fun little bait!!!

From: Chao: Republic of Texas

Comments: I must be missing something. Mine does not seem to be doing anything in the water for most of the cast. It also gets hung on the line during a cast a lot. I will keep plugging but so far very disapointed.

From: Brian: Quincy, MA

Comments: This bait is awesome!! easily landed 10 fish on 15 or so casts. already want the big one.

From: Shawn: Lowell, MA

Comments:This bait is awesome! I've won a tournament on this bait, smoked the competition by 3 lbs. I also caught a 8lb the first time I used it, this bait will always be on my pole no matter what.

From:Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

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