Dirty Jigs Pitchin’ Jig is the perfect jig for fishing around rocks, docks, and wood. The "Arkey" style head keeps this jig in an up right position, which best mimics a crawfish. Dirty Jigs is all about detail. Each Dirty Pitchin' Jig comes with a full multi colored skirt and a hand painted jig head to match. The Pitchin’ Jig is backed with a Mustad Ultra Point 60-degree flat-eye 3X strong jig hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point technology. A large lead barb will keep plastic trailers in place.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best jig on the market by far. Strong hook,amazing paint that doesn't chip, great colors,weed guard isn,t too stiff or too flexible. caught me my pb at 7lbs 8ozs

From: Jayson

Comments: awesome jig for flipping brush. the design of the head pops over and rolls around branches perfectly, and the weedguard is the perfect stiffness. these hooks wont bent on 50lb braid and a heavy action rod.

Comments: these jigs or top notch watermelon chart can't go wrong will catch them year round

Comments: This is THE best jig for pitching around wood that i have found, paint on the heads looks amazing and is nearly impossible to chip off unlike many other pricey jigs.  The hook is also top notch.

From: Ryan: WI

Comments: by far best jig i have bought, caught me a load of smallies at the reservoir. black n blue seems to be best

From: Ikaika: Fort Peck, MT

Comments: This is the best jig on the market, bar none! I have been fishing for a living for 30 years and tried them all. Combined with a Grandebass Megaclaw, they produced some of the biggest bass in Delaware for the entire year.

From: Steve: Lewes, DE

Comments: Starting from cranks, T-rigged worms and baby brush hogs decided to be more of a jig fishermen since they catch bigger hawgs. This Jig has very great details with skirt image the bass can see different colors vs a two-tone color. So Ive had luck with them at my local pond missed only one bite didnt set the hook upward was like to the side but anyhow the skirt came off the jig dont know how it didnt hook it self must of been a small one haha anways well be ordering more and definite watermelon is a must ! I like to use a rage craw for a trailer and also a chigger craw, i havent gotten any good jig bites on the power team lures, nor the grande bass mega claws. oh yea dont forget the sweetbeaver 420  son son ! black and blue flake california 420 !

From: Brian

Comments: Three word can describe these jigs:  Quality and detail.  Probably the best jigs I own.  The quality of the components are second to none.  This jig is my workhorse.  The colors have that custom look to them too.  "Definite   Watermelon" is awesome in clear water. They make the best "Black & Blue" color too... not your garden variety version.

From: Hale: Middle, TN

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