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When fishing rock bluffs, sand and gravel flats, main lake points, or that outside turn in that main lake river channel, the Dirty Jigs Skirted Football Jig is what you need. Dirty Jigs is all about detail. Each Dirty Skirted Football Jig comes with a full multi colored skirt and a hand painted jig head to match. The Skirted Football Jig is backed with a Mustad Ultra Point 60° flat eye 3X strong jig hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point Technology. A large lead barb will keep plastic trailers in place.

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Comments: awesome awesome awesome jig, only problem for the first time today I actually had about 4 or 5 fish continually bend the hook out till I couldnt fish the jig anymore, I believe it was my fault though... 65lb braid and deepwater with 2 over 5... Im thinking thats my fault. incredible paint, fished rocks all day without a scratch to show for and and hooked the S*** out of every fish ive caught, well worth the money!

Comments: My favorite football jig on the market.  Great colors and very durable.  Had a great morning on Pickwick with one jig all morning.  Great action and easy to set the hook, even in 30+ feet of water.

From: Gus: Brandon, MS

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