Dirty Jigs Stand Up Finesse Head 4/0 4pk

Finesse fishing has become very popular, and more and more anglers are finding new applications for the technique. Recently, anglers have begun to use large 5" or larger worms and craw-style baits for their "finesse" techniques. Dirty Jigs took this into consideration when designing the new Dirty Jig Stand Up Finesse Head. Featuring a larger 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point Jig Hook with a 60-degree flat eye - whether you want to rig a Hag's Tornado, a Power Team Lures 5" Finicky Tickler or 3.5" Craw D'oeuvre, even all the way up to the Power Team Lures 10" Ribbon Hinge Worm, the Dirty Jigs Stand Up Finesse Head has you covered. Available in several colors, the Dirty Jigs Standup 4/0 Finesse Head also features a recessed line tie to protect your knot and a convenient cork screw keeper.

4 per pack

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I put these in my pool rigged with a zoom swamp crawler to see if it stood up the whole time. Nope, fell over on it's side everytime. Retied with a regular round head shakey head and while it didn't stand, it fell with the hook tip on top (so the shank of the hook rested on the bottom) and the tail of the worm floated up every time. I love Dirty's Swim Jigs - but not for shakey heads. 

From: JR: Georgia 1/4/17

Comments: Expensive but very effective. Best I've ever used. Especially effective with my new favorite shaky bait. the Zoom mag finesse worm.

From: Mike: Aurora, IL 2/2/16

Comments: Best Shakey Head on the market hands down. Quality hook with a stand-up head that is near impossible to hang up, while keeping your bait as vertical as possible during the retrieve.

From: Adam: San Diego, CA

Comments: This stand up head positions the bait perfectly vertical while the the cork screw keeper holds your bait and won't let go. Hook sets are easy with a very high hook up percentage. This is the only shakey head I will use from now on!

From: Casey: Green Bay, WI

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