When money is on the line, there's no substitute for the superior color definition of the Dirty Jigs Tour Level No-Jack Flipping Jig. Delivering all the great features of the standard No-Jack Jig, they also feature Dirty Jigs' Tour Level custom skirts. Each skirt contains as many as ten different colors for maximum realism, and every jig head features an airbrushed, three-tone paint job, as well as an epoxy clear coat for maximum durability. Designed to pull the biggest of bass from the heaviest of cover, the Dirty Jigs Tour Level No-Jack Flipping Jig also come equipped with a Gamakatsu super sharp, extra heavy jig hook, a large lead barb plastic trailer keeper, and skirt collar that accepts Dirty Jigs' double rattle system.

Recommended Trailers: Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog, #1 Jumbo Frog, #37 Phantom Craw, #10 Big Daddy Frog, #25 Craw Frog, #7 Hank Parker's Pro Cut Frog, #23 Kicker Frog, Kalin's 3" Scrub.

You can find these trailers and more in our Trailer Section.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Most versatile jig I've ever used! Swim it, flip it or just hop it back to you, this thing just catches fish. The skirts alone are worth buying these over any other jigs but the stout hooks, perfect weed guards and overall quality of these jigs make HUGe difference in confidence.

From: Jake: Fort Wayne, IN 1/30/16

Comments: By far my favorite jigs, Priced well, considering the quality components and craftsmanship. Great colors too.  Get some. You won't regret it. BTW, their spinnerbaits and Rayburn Swim Jigs are solid too.

From: Drew: USA 11/26/14

Comments: Best jig out there!! I've tried other jigs and always have some kind of problem. Found these jigs on tackle warehouse and bought some and bought some more. The bass love them! Now if they would make some tungsten one also that would be great.

From: Randy: FL

Comments: ES;Ontario these jigs have a rattle band collar but don't come with rattles.Do yourself a favor and get some. They are the best flippin jigs on the market

From: Rib: Hartshorne ,OK

Comments: Once this jig is broken in, it can't be beat. The only thing is, if you're fishing this on light line your hook up ratio won't be as great because the hook is so strong

From: June: Cadillac, Mi 

Comments: This jig is killer with a paca chunk trailer, you can even swim it

From: Zebidiah: MI

Comments: Absolute killer bait best skirts,paint,hooks all around fantastic baits

From: Louis: Green Bay

Comments: BEST JIG ever made..went to local "pressured" pond, Bass just DESTROYED this jig, was getting hit after hit, landed 4 fish in 30mins...next day went to remote pond near some railroad tracks..4.5Lb Bass SMASHED IT on the first cast! ...now you know why these sell out so fast...best Bass bait out there...forget senkos..this is the real big bass catcher..

From: AD: CT

Comments: BEST JIG EVER PRODUCED, I may be biased because I use them exclusively and live where they're made, but they will not disappoint. Quality is unmatched, you want to catch big fish, start using DIRTY JIGS, nuff said.

From: Ben: WI

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