The Dobyns Champion Rods represent the culmination of the decades of tournament experience (and success) amassed by the West's all-time leading money winner. The Champion Rods are light, yet very balanced for long days on the water. Featuring Kigan SiC guides with stainless steel frames, and ultra sensitive--yet durable--graphite, Dobyns Champion Rods are made for performance, but also made to last.

From correct orientation along the spine (spline) of the blank, to innovative hook keepers, and comfortable, balanced handles with high quality cork, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyns' pursuit of bass rod perfection.

All Dobyns Champion Rods covered by a $70 "no hassles replacement plan."

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Dobyns Champ Cast Rod 7'6" MH 763

763C. Made for fishing Carolina Rigs, Senkos, Flukes, Topwaters and Horny Toads.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 8-17lb 1/4-1oz 9+Tip Champ Cast C 14-3/4" In Stock: 1 $239.97
Champ Cast C

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    The Dobyns Champion Rods are designed based on decades of tournament experience and success. Specifically engineered for Cranking applications, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyn's pursuit of bass rod perfection.
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have had one of the best experiences with Dobyns rods. I had purchased one of there big rods for throwing A-rigs, but didn't use it much. So I traded it in for the 735 FH Champion series rod. The 735 has been amazing with swimbaits and chatterbaits for the past 2 years, but I was setting the hook last weekend and the tip just broke. I mailed the rod in, and Dobyns shipped me a brand new 735 FH rod at NO cost. Stating the rod was defective. Great company and people. Thank you Richard for making a great rod.

From: Matt: Russellville, AL 3/7/16

Comments: Bought a 733C expecting to get a great rod. I'm still waiting to find that innovative hook keeper Dobyn's brags about. If you palm your reel the way they have the hook keeper slanted pokes you in the hand the whole time. The rod is light but so are a lot of other rods.  Not that well balanced and for this kind of money was disappointed. I should have bought a Phenix recon. For the money that's a much better rod than this over hyped and priced rod.

From: Mike: TX 1/14/16

Comments: I own the 702 and the 734. Really like both of them. I use the 702 for shakey head and wacky worms, and the 734 for bladed swim jigs and spinnerbaits. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.

From: Brandon: Denton, TX 5/16/15

Comments: I have several Dobyns Champion rods. Without a doubt one of the best rods on the market. Sensitive and well balanced. These rods are excellent. I recommend them to all of my friends and family. My personal favorite is the 735C. Talk about an all purpose rod. I have 2 of them and it seems like I always have one of them in my hand, great for pitching or cast soft plastics or jigs, the best rod I have ever used for froggin, excellent big Spinnerbait rod, lipless crank baits, and chatter baits. Lots of back bone and the perfect amount of flex and tip for a wide range if baits. If you don't own a 735C you're missing out.

From: Steven: North Vernon, IN 2/18/15

Comments: The Champion 766FLIP is the best flipping rod I have ever used. Its perfectly balanced, light weight and has a ton of backbone. Great for punching/ flipping heavy weighted baits into thick vegetation.

From: Richard: Leesville, LA 2/18/15

Comments: I had to readjust my casting because the Dobyn's was true to where I was aiming and I was used to adjusting. Got that down in about an hour and then it was on.  After the first hit and feeling the sensitivity and back bone the rod had on the first fish I was like WOW  I never knew what I was missing. I have an entire arsenal of Dobyn's Now!!!  684's for spinnerbaits in tight places, 705's for light pitching, 734 for rattle traps and buzz baits and 735's for heavy pitching. Give it a try and feel what you have been missing!!!

From: Darren: Haughton, LA 2/18/15

Comments: I have the 735 and let me just say wow! What an awesome rod. It has just the right amount of tip to walk a frog effortlessly and enough backbone to pull em out of moderate slop. You  could also use this rod for pitching jigs or light flipping. I will definitely be buying more dobyns rods.

From: Ray: Gainesville, FL 2/14/15

Comments: The 733c is the best rod of the three by far. Boy I cannot wait for the water to warm. Bought the full handle for weightless senkos and paired it with a Revo Premier. What a silky smooth setup. This rod feels like it moves itself! Dobyns you now have a new fan boy!

From: Mike: Richmond, VA 1/25/15

Comments: I just broke in my 734 C FH Champion and i loved everything about this rod. I was throwing a 1oz jig and the rod felt nice and ballanced while fishing, it was very sensitive. i felt every rock pile and transition the jig came over. When i had a fish on the line the rod loaded very nicely. it had no problems pulling him in. the fast taper complements the backbone this rod has very well. very happy with my purchase and well continue to buy Dobyns

From: Daniel: Long Beach, CA 12/5/14

Comments: Dobyn's Rods are absolutely first rate. I now own the 704, 734, 736, and 765 in the Champ series and the 745 and 746 in the Extreme series. All of them scream quality and performance. If you ever break one the replacement deal is great as well. Excellent customer service. The rods all just feel right. They are the only rod company I feel the need to buy from anymore.

From: David: Memphis, TN 9/17/14

Comments: I bought a champion 804c for mainly Carolina rigging. This rod provides the perfect tip with a strong backbone. The longer handle helps for throwing the rig. Another excellent rod from Dobyns. Get a Dobyns and you will be impressed. Imo Dobyns is clearly better than any Duckett you can buy. More sensitive and amazing balance.

From: Philip: AR 9/13/14

Comments:  I have a few Savvy series rods; 766, 735, 703 and I love them. The 734C was my first from the Champion series. I wanted something heavier to replace my Powell Endurance 723 for big Senkos around light cover. I paired the 734 with a Chronarch 200E7 and fished it for a day. The rod felt a little tip heavy when compared to the Powell which surprised me. Weighed both and the Dobyns is actually lighter despite being the longer and more powerful rod. The Powell with the same reel balances just at the threads in front of the the reel seat. The Dobyns balances a few inches further forward. Pretty disappointed that the Dobyns feels more like my Crucial 7'2" MH, which sits in the closet. I got the 734 with the split grip so its possible the full cork handle would balance better. I prefer split grips so I guess I should stick with a Savvy Model or get another Powell. 

From: Dan: AZ 9/11/14

Comments: I ordered the 735 and went out fishing they day it arrived.  Very light and balanced rod as everyone says, awesome sensitive tip, I threw frogs and flipped 3/4 oz tungsten with it, then I noticed the eyes were so misaligned, I don't know how Dobyns didn't see that.  I sent it back to Tacklewarehouse and the replacement arrived 3 days later, these guys are just fast.  Replacement is perfect.  Softer tip than the Powells of the same rating, which is what I was hoping for, this is now my favorite rod.

From: J: USA 7/10/14

Comments: 735c is the best jig rod I've ever used. From here on all my rods that I need sensitivity and balance will be dobyns champions. Used falcon, loomis, allstar, lamiglas, st croix and many others. In love with this thing for jigs chatter baits small swim baits up to an ounce spinnerbaits and horny toads.

From: Keith: Westford, MA 6/4/14

Comments: Dobyns is the finest fishing rod I've ever used, overfished with several of the and I'm now buying them one at a time until every rod in my arsenal is a dobyns. These rods make me a better fisherman, I lose less fish, make farther casts, have better sensitivity and they're so light/balanced. Thank you dobyns...

From: HB: TX 4/15/14

Comments: I purchased the 764C for jig fishing and it is awesome. I would consider myself a novice/intermediate bass fisherman and noticed right away the confidence this rod give me. I can really feel all the contours of the bottom and my hook up ratio went way up after using this rod. I'm a believer in Dobyns and can't wait to purchase more.

From: AC: San Rafael, CA 3/10/14

Comments: I just want to thank Richard and Dobyn's rods for being great people and having the best customer service on the planet. PLus the 735 is the best rod ever for a chatterbait. 

From: Matt: Russellville, AL

Comments: I received the the734C SH for Xmas.  I was casting it outside for a few casts.  I was casting 3/4oz lure weight and i had to barely use any force. This rod will send the lure like a rocket. I have used custom made rods for the last 5 years. I thought i would try dobyns rods, and they are every bit of what my custom rods are. From now all my rods are custom made or dobyns.... Great rod Garry

From: Jim: Arvada, Co USA

Comments: My first Dobyns was a 765 Flip and I was sold. I have since retired my Loomis, Lamiglas and St Croix rods and have added 13 more Dobyns rods. The Extremes are amazing.

From: Doug: Washington State

Comments: The 764 is the most versatile rod...Dude, I flip lighter jigs a and plastics with it a lot...use it for chunkin 1/2 ounce spinnerbaits and chatterbaits.  And most importantly as a carolina rig rod it cannot be beat. Awesome, just like all the other rods in their line

From: Ryan: So Cal

Comments: highly recommend First getting the 734c, and 735c these 2 rods will cover alot of basic lures you may use 3-5 other rods for. 734c it being a HEAVY rod, With a Softer tip, I throw primarily spinner baits, Swim jigs, chatter baits, Buzz baits, And Texas rigged plastics for light pitch'n, staying right at 3/8 oz for those listed above. My 735c is my work horse, I can use all of the above, but in a heavier weight, In addition using larger profile baits like swim baits, Frogs, (amazing frog rod) Jigs @ 3/8-1oz,  Pitch'n and Flipping, just an all around Beast of a rod which has that X fast action, allowing me to have feel & control of my jigs. After i got these i got a 705CB and a 704CB Those 2 rods cover Jut about Any type of hard bait with treble hooks, small or large, just to List a few. Pointer 100's, Excalibur xr50-75, red eye shads, KVD 1.5-2.5, baby 1 minus, Zara spooks. and much more, Buy one!, But don't say i didn't tell you your other rods will be collecting Dust.

From: Brian: Aurora, IL

Comments: The 804C is the next Dobyns rod you have to own! Superlight for an 8' rod, effortlessly casts cumbersome c-rigs and gives amazing bottom-feedback. Oh, and it rocks as a flipping stick as well. And a A-rig rod. And a swimbait rod. In 9 months I've gone from zero to seven Dobyns rods. And the end isn't in sight!

From: Grant: Somerset West, South Africa

Comments: Just got two DX744 SH rods in and so far am very impressed with the craftsmanship.  I haven't had a chance to land any fish yet but played with them a bit in my pond dragging jigs and throwing spinnerbaits and found them to be extremely sensitive.  Also got a 765 glass cranking rod and that coupled with a Abu Winch is a beast.  Can't wait to get more to replace all my Powells.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments:  Purchased the 733 C SH, and followed up with another 734 C FH, both in October here in the Ozarks.  Found the 733 one of the most comfortable and well balanced rods I have EVER fished with, especially for jigs and spinnerbaits.  I believe it will make an excellent buzzbait rod also.  The 734 is one VERY stout and serious bass rod.  I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to take this pair, especially the 734 to Amistad, Falcon, or Mexico.  I like the 734 for fishing Zoom Horny Toads on 30lb braid or 15lb. flourocarbon in more scattered cover.  It is also just about perfect in my mind for the 4 and 5 inch Money Minnow's, Basstrix, and similar hollowbelly swimbaits.  I fished with and against Gary for over 20yrs. on Western Bass and he is a great stick; this shows in the way he produces a balanced rod, which I think is the hallmark of his designs.  These are the only rods which have caused me to put down my G. Loomis IMX's, and frankly, these rod lengths are more versatile.  Top quality components and excellent assembly should provide many years of enjoyment.  Really great bass rods that deserve your serious consideration!

From: Chris: Clinton, MO

Comments: Purchased the Med/Hvy Fast Action 703C and it is by far the best I'be fished with. Added the Smoke 100 and its a very light and powerful rig. Was using Crucial & Falcon rods and this Champion Series Dobyns is really sensitive and for a med/hvy its pretty stout. For a md/hvy its got a lot of backbone picked up the DX version of same rod a good bit more flex there. The Champ is firmer than the Extreme or DX yet still very light no paint on the Champ like the DX which I suspect the reason for that. For me the Champ feels like a better rod. The DX is supposed to transmit a bite better but I'm not so sure about that my fishing partner has the NRX with a Core and this is just a tiny bit heavier and the bite transmission is not too too far from it. You will have a true Med Hvy with lots of backbone to fish even good amounts of cover with this rod the Champion is by without a doubt a very hard to beat rod and does it with style for a good price. Great hardware nothing cheap and does not feel cheap by any means a true all around Top of the Line Bass Rod. I feel confident that I have a good rod comparing it to an NRX its that good for a 200 Rod you'll be glad you picked it and feels like it should cost more than what it does. Rock Solid

From: CJ: Gonzales, LA

Comments: Just got the 736c, Awesome rod. Balances great with a quantum energy. Very sensitive and the high density cork is beautiful in person. Nothing but quality here.

From: Ray: TX

Comments: I have the 733 and it's the best all around medium duty rod I've ever owned. Light, sensitive, definitely well balanced, and not tip heavy. Light flipping and pitching, senkos, topwaters, spinnerbaits, paddletails, fish traps, rip baits, Texas rigged plastics, perfect for any 1/4 - 3/8oz jigs, spinnerbaits, and the list goes on. From dinky bass to 10lb stripers (biggest that I caught so far on this rod)... This rod will telegraph every bite and boat everyone of them. The one rod that goes with me everywhere.

From: Bay Area, CA

Comments: True straight guide placement along the spine! Every guide is leveled correctly when looking at them from the front - I cannot believe this! I thought it was just marketing hype about the "correct orientation". Not even Wisconsin's hand-made rods boast this kind of guide placement. My standards for what I expect from a >$200 has just been raised. Go up one level of power than what you normally are used to. Dobyn's taper (thickness of blank) is actually really compact so a "4" is way thinner than what you will imagine a "heavy" to look like.

From: CXX: Minnesota

Comments: Just put one in your hand and you'll know. Switching all my rods to Dobyns.

From: Marc: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Comments: Wow. Just wow. I got the 735c today, and it is not only the best feeling rod I have ever held, it's the best looking rod I've ever held. The 735c is a pretty stiff rod. I'll use it for flipping and pitching creatures and jigs in pads and wood cover. It balances SO well, yet it's a flippin' stick! I love this thing, I will sonn buy a 734c FH, and probably a 733c FH. Can't wait to try a DX744! Buy one, you will want to change your entire arsenal over to Dobyns.

Comments: I have one 734 and thats all it took. I am switching all of my rods over to Dobyns. They also have the best customer service I have ever dealt with.

From: Chris: Connecticut, USA

Comments: I bought a Dobyns champion series and I am very impressed. light, sensitive, accurate casting, casts farther by 30 foot than my falcon lowrider xg. i am going to be buying more.

From: Damon: Milford, IN

Comments:  I recently purchased a Dobyns Champion Casting Rod model 683C and I have to say that the rod is one of the most sensitive and lightest I have purchased to date. Up until now, my boat rod locker consisted of only G Loomis rods but now I'm starting to replace those rods with the rods from Dobyns. Give one a try, you'll be impressed!

From: Bob: Oviedo, FL

Comments:I have always tried to buy American rods (G Loomis, St Croix, Falcon, Lamiglas, etc..) However, I recently purchased the 703C now I am hooked. One of the lightest most sensitive rod in my artisan. I now own the 702c, 703c and 705cb.

From:Frank: Sparta, NJ

Comments:Very nice rods. Awesome performance.Going to buy more.

From:Marco: Manotick, Ontario CA

Comments:The new Gen II Dobyns champion series are sweet I love my 683C. Cant wait to try the new DX series.

From: Mike: Utah

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