The Dobyns Champion Extreme Rods represent the culmination of the decades of tournament experience (and success) amassed by the West's all-time leading money winner. The Champion Extreme Rods are very light and balanced. Featuring Zirchonium insert guides with titanium frames, and ultra sensitive high-modulus graphite, Dobyns Champion Rods are made for ultimate performance. These generation two (G2) Champion Extreme rods also feature custom hue-shifting painted Fuji reel seats with matching reel seat hoods, knurled winding checks, and a kevlar sleeve wrap that will appeal to the discerning bass pro, and the tackle enthusiast alike.

From correct orientation along the spine (spline) of the blank, to innovative hook keepers, and comfortable, balanced handles with high quality cork, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyns' pursuit of bass rod perfection.

All Dobyns Champion Extreme Rods covered by a $80 "no hassles replacement plan."

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    The Dobyns Champion Rods are designed based on decades of tournament experience and success. Specifically engineered for Cranking applications, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyn's pursuit of bass rod perfection.
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have a couple champion rods and loved them so much I had to try the Extreme. I bought the 745 for jigs and wow this rod is insane! The sensetivity is unbelievable and it feels like it weighs next to nothing. This is the perfect jig rid, nice work Dobyns!

From: Tim: MN 9/9/15

Comments: Have a 745. Best jig/pitch rod ever. Super sensitive and very strong. Will horse any fish to the boat. Caught my pb a 10.8 with it pitching in light cover. Absolutely love it and highly recommend picking up this rod for your light cover flip/pitch/jigs techniques. A 746 is working its way to my arsenal and other Dobyns rods too!

From: Steven: Stockton, CA 7/19/15

Comments: I have been using the new DX746C. This rod is so balanced yet so powerful. It is the best heavy cover swimig rod I have ever used. Pulls the big ones out of the thickest pads. And you can use it for flippin too. Can't wait to use it on Okeechobee with the Big EZ.

From: Puttric: FT. Lauderdale, FL 7/13/15

Comments: Bought a 703 for T-rigs about 6 months ago. Paired it with a Lew's Team Pro. Great set up. In fact, I didn't really "need" another T-rig set up, but I just bought another 703 because I liked the first one so much.

From: Brandon: Denton, TX 5/16/15

Comments: Excellent rods, I have a 743 paired with a Lews BB1 Pro for throwing swimjigs. Super sensitive and light. Highly recommend!!

From: Brady: Eldridge, IA 3/26/15

Comments: They are the finest rods I have ever put in my Hands. They are sensitive, light & balanced plus made with the finest components. My personal favorite in the casting line up is the DX743C. I have 3 of the model & use them to pitch or cast light weight jigs & soft plastics. This rod has the perfect tip to pitch 1/8oz-5/16 oz baits & has enough backbone to get a solid hook set & move big fish away from cover. You won't be disappointed!

From: Steven: North Vernon, IN 2/18/15

Comments: The DX 743C is an awesome senko rod. Awesome sensitivity and casts those senko style baits a mile. This rod is a perfect match for the senko.

From: Rich: Leesville, LA 2/18/15

Comments: Just picked up a couple new Dobyns Rods, but really wanted to take a minute to talk about the DX701C Finesse!  This rod paired up with a chronarch 50e is amazing.  You can toss light baits a mile, great action and great sensitivity.  On top of that, knowing I have the best rod designer, the most amazing staff, and phenominal customer service makes it all that much better.  If you are looking for a rod and reel combo to throw your spy baits or jackal seira minnows on...I highly recommend this rod to you!  I know it will also be an amazing drop shot rod, but I am running two DX701SF Finesse and a Champion 701SF for this.

From: Steven: Hemet, CA 1/13/15

Comments: The Champion Extreme rods are the most sensitive I have ever held in my hand. Outstanding quality and attention to detail in these rods. Have several and like them all. The DX 745C is the baddest jig rod on the planet!

From: Rich: Leesville, LA 1/8/15

Comments: I just got the 795 and all I can say is WOW! I have fished many flipping sticks in the past and this rod is the most amazing piece of work I have ever held in my hand. I paired it up with a Revo STX. I love pitching 3/8-1/2 ounce Dirty Jigs pitching jigs & this rod handles any type of cover a body of water will put in front of you. I am over 6' tall so I really enjoy the extra length (7'9'') This rod is extremely sensitive but does not diminish in strength to add lightness. This rod can also double as a lighter punch rod. If you are a serious jig fisherman and or love pitching/fishing grass and other heavy cover then THIS ROD IS FOR YOU! Tight line and happy fishing :)

From: Aaron: Spring Hill, TN 1/7/15

Comments: I was using Dobyn's and enjoying them until I broke two rods on 10 inch fish. I'm done with them now. I tried a friends Duckett White Ice and it is a much better rod. I'm going to switch to Duckett and see how it goes. Dobyn's is well balanced but breaks easy so warning, buy at your own risk.

From: Johnnie: USA 6/21/14

Comments: just got the 765 Utility rod and love it so far. It's paired up with a gen 3 Revo SX. So far I've only thrown D&M's massive Double Hammer Buzzbait which was overpowering the Diawa Cielo I was throwing it on before. The Inferno handles it very well. Weather casting overhand, side, or underhand its very easy to make long accurate casts. I also plan on using this rod for lunker punkers and small to medium swim/glide baits. Also, the rod was surprisingly light

From: Philip: CA 5/30/14

Comments: 701 has a drop shot hook keeper clip. Works very good for holding your drop shot rigs without the weight swinging around. Sensitivity is outrageous, I can feel everything. Bought this for my bfs reel and I am having a blast bfs fishing with the dx701!

From: Hmoob: San Diego, CA 5/30/14

Comments: absolutely the best rod I have ever put in my hand.. So sensitive and light, yet hoss's fish to the boat with ease.. Have the 7'4" flipping for 1/4 oz jigs and the 7'6" flipping stick for 3/8-3/4 jigs.. Hoping to switch to all extremes eventually!!!

From: Micherl: DE 4/30/14

Comments: recently got the 702SF for throwing shakey heads and couldn't be happier. Landed 2lbers to 7lbers with ease. The sensitivity and weight is second to none. Strictly dobyns from now on.

From: Star: Hartwell Lake, SC 4/20/14

Comments: Dx 795 is the most balanced, sensitive flipping stick i have ever held. I use it for 3/16- 1.5 oz flipping duties and it can do it all. More Dobyns on the way!!

From: John: Davenport, IA 3/26/14

Comments: If you're wondering about the DX742C, just buy it... AMAZING feeling rod!!! It's a 2-power but not soft like most think. This rod has backbone to do a lot of things like jigs, traps, topwater, spinnerbaits, senkos & more! It's a Dobyns, you can't get any better >

From: Darren: NC

Comments: I spent a long time and too much money searching for the perfect jig rod. The DX745 is that rod. It is so sensitive and perfectly balanced. With this rod you can feel the lightest of bites and be confident that you will have the power to get them in the boat. I would highly recommend Dobyns rods to anyone. I also have the 736c that I use for frogs and flipping. Working towards steadily replacing all my rods with Dobyns. So if you are looking for the right jig rod, don't hesitate and buy the 745,

From: David: Memphis

Comments: my DX745 is a beast rod for fishing carolina rigs and football heads in deep water. i was using a 1oz tungstin in about 30 feet of water and could feel every single rock i dragged over, i could when i hit a sandbar, then back to rock again, and telling the bite from the rocks was very noticible, this rod is extremely sensitive and strong as heck once you set the hook and start fighting the fish. BEST deep water fishing rod ive ever used. havnt used it for jigs yet but to plan on doing so very soon

From: David: WA State

Comments: I wrote a review on the DX744 earlier in the year. I now own 3 DX rods and love them all. But wanted to tell you about the Customer Service. I carelessly snapped the tip off of one of my rods on a recent outing. Since there are no stores close I mailed it back to Dobyn's. Their No Hassle Policy is just as it says. Sent them the rod and $60 and they rushed me a brand new rod replacement in 2 days time.
I am sold for life, Thanks Dobyn's

From: Slim: OKC, Oklahoma

Comments: I purchased one of the Dobyns Extreme 745 Mag-Heavy casting rods and could not be any happier. This is not the first high end rod I have ever owned but right away I could tell a real difference in sensitivity. I use this rod primarily for Jigs, frogs and spinner baits in heavy cover. Using a jig in any weight from 3/8 to 3/4 ounces, I can feel every feature of the terrain below. I have nearly convinced myself that this rod allows me to know when a fish is even thinking about biting my bait. Expensive but well worth the price in my opinion.

From: Chris: Tulare, Calif.

Comments: I got the DX 744C for my first Dobyn's rod. After a lot of research this is what I settled on. Best purchase ever! Great sensitivity, very well balanced and lite. From the weight of the rod you would think it was a 2-3 power until you set the hook. Great backbone and you can muscle 2-4lb. fish into the boat no problem. Caught a 7lb. and a 8lb. and loved the way it handled them. I use it primarily for jigs in the 3/8 to 1/2oz. range and this seems to be the sweet spot. This rod is very versatility. I also find my self using it for Spinner baits up to 1/2oz. Chatter baits, etc. but really excels for all bottom contact baits. TX or CAr. rigs. But be warned, one Dobyn's rod will not be enough, you will want more!

From: Slim: OKC,OK

Comments: My first flipping stick was a Dobyns Champion 765. I've sold that rod for an upgrade to the Champion Extreme 795. Now, I never spent over $300 for a rod, but this was the best choice I've made for a $340 rod upgrade. The 795 is so balanced that it feels like a 7 footer in my hand. I think it's overall weight is equivalent to my Champion 735. And the cork handle.. man, that is some quality cork.

From: J@y: CA

Comments: I got the 745 split, never tried the full, but I use mines to frog and jig- anything in that nature, love this rod, my PB came off this rod! I mainly use Powells, but after this rod thinkin bout getting the 744

From: boss em IN!: CA Delta

Comments: Tried out a dx745 and it is by far the best casting rod that I have ever fished with. I will be selling my g-loomis and buying some more

From: Brent: Asheboro, NC

Comments:ive been fishin this rod for about a year and it is awesome.  I have the 745 and I fish heavy football jigs, Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs on it.  Sensitivity is very good and the rod balances nicely with my curado e7.  Also makes a great pitching stick.  For a mag heavy rod this thing is very versatile and the tip action is exactly what I like for those applications I mentioned above.  I also have the 744 and like it more for fishing lighter t-rigs, finesse jigs, senkos, and open water spinnerbaitin.  In my opinion dobyns rods are the best on the market check em out.

From: Fishin Junkie: IN

Comments: Got my DX742 safely delivered. TW knows how to ship a rod. Craftsmanship is 10/10 on this rod. It isn't a buggy whip and has a reassuring amount of backbone. Super light and balances perfectly with a Curado 50.

From: Grant: Somerset West, South Africa

Comments: If you want a good looking rod with beautiful cork this is it.  It not only looks good but performs great.  For me it is above the GLX and  below the NRX in terms of sensitivity. The balance is great, the 743 feels like holding a 7ft rod.  The tip is soft, so throwing 3/8 jigs with trailer seems underpower, I would imagine the 744 to handle jigs better.  My only complain would be that the rod was 1/2 ounce lighter but not a biggy.

From: Jace

Comments: Threw squarebills and spinnerbaits alike with the 703 - bar none the best rod I've ever used. Not only does it take the fatigue out of casting (with the extra fast tip) - launching the baits with ease, but the sensitivity is paramouth as well.

From: Bud: West Islip, NY

Comments: There is absolutely no better combo then my Dx744 paired with my Zillions. Super sensitive, balanced, and versatile setup.

From: Brian

Comments: WOW!! Took out my dobyns 703 today and it is awesome. Nice sensitivity. Feels great. I will have a stable full of these rods. Nice job Gary Dobyns.

From: Clint: Batesville, AR

Comments:  I am really happy with my DX 703 C rod, I mostly use it for spinnerbaits or chatterbaits.  Besides the awesome sensitivity, it has enough backbone to easily turn larger bass.

From: Pete: Danvers, MA

Comments:I bought the DX743C SH, and it is amazing. It is light and very well balanced. Very sensitive and strong. It handles large Kentucky Lake ledge fish nicely. I was previously a G LOOMIS fan, but now starting to make the switch. These rods come with a nice warranty as well.

From:Jason: Cape Girardeau, MO

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